Saturday, 15 August 2009

A Storm in a Teacup

(Note the reflection of the hutch dresser in the tea!)
Tea. One of my greatest joys. Coffee is all very well. The aroma though is often the best part. Whereas tea although without any aroma to speak of, has more of an ability to hit the spot.

* Did you know that there are tea-receptor taste buds on your tongue (located near the back, nestled on both sides) that only come alive when you drink tea? Reference: KMC Factoids

The cup you drink from is important. The cup above was given to me by my mother as a collector's piece, being a Rosina Wachtmeister (whose website is amazing, I urge a visit; although I think a warning should be attached, that content may slow you down and is not recommended for anyone in a hurry.) My mother gave the cup (with saucer) to me to 'display', but my mind has been changed on that matter since talking to my daughter in law Kate Cooke.

While at Art School, she made teacups based on the idea of 'A Storm in a Teacup' (see above). When she found out that I had put them on to a safe shelf to be looked at and admired, she was horrified. She said that they were made to be used. As a dutiful mother in law, I heeded her word and have found that they are wonderful for coffee - as Art and My Life who has had a coffee from one of these cups, can testify (please go visit her blog, you're in for a treat.)

I am an erstwhile collector of crockery - china - whatever you want to call it. Especially if it contains the colours orange and blue, singly, or combined ... I am beginning to use more and more of my precious pieces, gradually getting over the 'china should be kept in a china cabinet' mentality inherited from my mother. (I keep my china in a hutch dresser that cost under twenty dollars in kitset form at The Warehouse). I'm sure this would make my Scottish great-great-grandmothers very proud!

In Other News ...

I have become a great-aunt again. My niece has had a baby boy, one and a half months premature. Both mother and baby are well. HOWEVER, he came as a complete surprise to everyone, including his mother! She had no idea she was pregnant and when she went to the doctor with chronic stomach cramps, was told that she was about to deliver. She told her father (my brother) that the doctor took one look at her face and knew that this was news to her. She had been living life as normal right up to this point. She is a hockey player who has represented her province many times and has been playing hockey right up to the delivery. This baby has arrived safe and well having weathered everything on the pregnancy 'Don't Do' or 'Don't Eat' list. I can't wait to meet this wee dude!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! And yes those cups are sublime!

Funnily I really want a china cabinet!

Catherine said...

What a shock for your niece! Hope she is happy to be a mum.
That first cup is exquisite. My china isn't nearly as special as yours, although my poetry group (the Chooks) get treated to their coffee in "Happy Hens" mugs which I love.
Are you coming to Chch for Mike's exhibition? If so, I would love to see you, but we will be away from August 27th to September 6th, so if you come for the opening I will miss you.

Kay Cooke said...

artandmylife - A china cabinet is part of our heritage so I am not surprised you want one! Mum's was beautiful ... long gone now tho'.

Catherine - Yes she is adjusting well (haven't heard about the partner's reactions yet, but if he's a decent sort, he has to be too!)
Yes we will be at the opening, so unfortunately will miss you as it's August 28th, 29th we'll be there. (I am sure we'll be up again tho').

rel said...

Your daughter in law is right on the money about using those "display" items. In our house if we used all our dishes, crockery, and etc., we could go to the end of never and never use the same one twice. Every-so-often we box up a dozen or so cups and or glasses that have been in regular use so as to make room for newer acquisitins.

apprentice said...

Lovely cups. The charity shops here are full of them, as a generation that did "high tea" dies out. Corner china cabinets were also a big thing here in my childhood, the wedding chine stacked and on display.

I have my step gran's handpainted cups and saucers/tea plates, hardly ever used, but hard to part with.

I'm a tea jenny too.

Tammy Brierly said...

What a shock! Wow

I LOVE my tea and teapot collection. Yours are lovely. I'm back to blogging after a busy summer but I'm all caught up. XXOO

Unknown said...

What a great story about the baby - talk about denial!

And yes, for me, nothing beats a cup of tea.

And those are lovely mugs and china :)

Becky Willis Motew said...

I would try tea over coffee if I could drink out of those lovely vessels. Ah, beautiful.

I have heard another friend tell of a "surprise" baby. In this case it was a daughter and both daughter and baby moved in! That much news I do not need.:-)

Kay Cooke said...

Rel - A great idea to keep the good china rolling around!

Apprentice - Sounds very like here - must be the Scottish ancestor's influence.

Tammy - would love to drop in for a cuppa one day!

Barbara - can't wait to hear the details. reality will be setting in now I guess - imagine ringing up her work and explaining why she won't be in on Monday!!!???

Becky - Hmm yes that and moving in with Mum would be a bit much - in this case there is a loving and supportive (hopefully) partner involved.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what lovely crockery! I'm a tea drinker too and a great fan of Rosina Wachtmeister. I believe in using crockery, though my mother still has a gorgeous set of bone china crockery inlaid with gold that she only uses for special occasions. I'm expecting it to be used at my parents Golden Wedding celebrations.

What a surprise for your neice!

Claire Beynon said...

Good to see you like your tea strong, Kay!

Thanks ++ for all the great links - lovely to meet the Teacup Lady (what an amazing website she has; such creativity and productivity!) and your daughter-in-law Kate whose work has a real clarity and freshness to it.

If you're in Chch for Mike's show, please pop around the corner from the City Gallery to The Arthouse (62 Gloucester Street) where my show opens on Wed. 26th. I will be there till 28th, so would love to see you if poss. (How funny to think we have to go to Chch to meet up for a coffee!!).

All the best to Mike with this exciting opportunity... and love to you, C x

Kay Cooke said...

CGP - Thanks. Nice to know another Rosina W fan!

Claire - Thanks for looking up the links, your kind words re Kate's work and your good wishes to Mike. We plan to arr Chch on Fri 28th, so will definitely pay a visit to The Arthouse & see if you're there. If not it'll be great to see your work anyway. Good luck with your show too. :)

Clare Dudman said...

Mmm - love those cups.

Incredible story about your niece. I often hear about this sort of thing happening, and always find it amazing. Just had a look at your daughter-in-law's blog and found it very interesting. It is interesting to get 2 viewpoints of the same sort of place.

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