Saturday, 8 August 2009


My kind, sweet friend kj has asked me to join her in the community of Blogland Lane. Thanks kj. It does me good sometimes, grounded person that I am, to leave this earthly plane for the virtual. I have selected a small cottage with a beach frontage. It is slowly taking shape, form and colour as I draw closer.

bring your crayons

It has two windows,
with curtains nipped in
with a bow. The front door
in between the windows
has a brass knocker
and a round door-handle.

A crooked, flagstone-path
with flowers
bordering both sides,
wanders to the doorstep.
An apple-tree grows
smack bang in the middle
of the round, front lawn.
Smoke curls from a brick chimney.

You recognise this house,
you think,
"I have drawn it before
with crayons.
When I was a child."
And so you did. Now
you draw yourself
inside, draw up a chair.

Wait for the tea
in the Japanese teapot
to draw. Draw closer
to the fire. Draw in a breath.
Draw us sitting there talking
as the day draws to a close.


Wieneke said...

Hello new neighbour, welcome to THE lane. What a serene atmosphere your house has. I love it. Hope to see you soon in my Flower & Giftshop at no. 100 or my house at no. 30. Bye for now.

rel said...

Crayons oe words; it's a wonderful place to be!

Catherine said...

I love how your poem "draws" on the different meanings of the word "draw". And what a lovely colourful community it seems to be!

kj said...

oh kay, would you be the poet laureate for blogland lane. it could be a one year appointment and this poem--this poem--is so magnificent it says everything about the hopes and dreams of blogland lane.

you are wonderful kay.


Becky Willis Motew said...

Lovely poem, lovely photo, and I sat staring at your great grandmother. She looks very beautiful--great bone structure--and as though she had high standards! Let's let her be our guide!


Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

Hi! Your poem brings to mind "The time to rest is when you don't have time"...sounds lovely and zen-like, your new abode from one in your imagination.

Di said...

Lovely! The poem is as delicious as that image of the place ...

Kay Cooke said...

Wieneke - I certainly will pay a visit - I can smell the roses from here!

Rel - Thanks!

Catherine - Thanks. You should join!

kj - What an honour! Thank you.

Becky - She has that effect! :)

T & TC - Thanks so much. I like that quote and I agree it was a little like that!

Di - Thanks. At least it won't make you homesick this time!

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