Saturday, 1 August 2009

Di Mackey Interviews Me

An official School Photo taken of me and my sister when we were in the Primers at Orepuki School. My front teeth appear to be still growing in, so I was probably about seven years old, which means that the photo was probably taken about 1960. Note dirty knees and grubby, woollen, fawn socks from coming into contact with oiled, wooden classroom floors. I remember, for example, drawing with chalk on the floor for Maths activities to learn subtraction and addition. (6 buttons and a chalk-drawn, four-roomed, two-storied house with a staircase and a biscuit tin downstairs, comes to mind.) I remember the dress I am wearing very well. Seersucker nylon. White. And yes, my YOUNGER sister was always taller than me. I got sick of adults who thought they were funny (and original) saying, "Why don't you take the brick off your head and put it on your sister's?"

I was thrilled to discover that my friend Di Mackey has posted on her website an interview with me. While visiting, check out Di's wonderful photography. She is an accomplished photographer who also lives up to her persona of Wandering Woman. A fellow-kiwi, she hails from places close to my heart, and we share a fondness for these places. I love making her homesick when I post photos and descriptions of these places (sorry Di!) And thanks Di for the interview. I'm right chuffed. (And real stoked.)


apprentice said...

Very sweet picture, all that potential makes me fill up.

Di Mackey said...

Hey thank you but it was you and your words that made it so special.

I did have to smile when I read of how you love making me homesick ... sometimes, sometimes I wander in over here and you have me again. I don't always comment but I love it, despite the homesickness it induces.

Catherine said...

Yes, I had already seen the great interview over at Di's website.
You wore white nylon seersucker to school? What was your mother thinking? :)
(I had nylon only for party dresses, I remember a sage green one - and a soft yellow one - with the matching taffeta petticoat because the nylon was somewhat see through - and do you remember stiff petticoats that rustled when we walked?)

Clare Dudman said...

Is your sister still taller than you Kay? You both look so sweet and happy, but look very different characters. Reading the very interesting interview I notice you were influenced by Enid Blyton. I've only read one or two of these but I immediately thought of the Famous Five books and the two girls in that - which led me back to the photo. It might be just the way you happen to be dressed but your sister reminds me of one the girls in the Famous Five and you the other!

leonie.wise said...

wow - great interview, congratulations

i love this line:
Kay explained, when a poem stops talking back to me, thats’s a sign it is complete.

although i've not been writing it as long as you, this is how it feels for me too, though i'd never found the words to describe it!

Kay Cooke said...

Apprentice - Thanks. Don't we just look so damn eager to please?

Di - Thank YOU Di! :)

Catherine - Ah, but it was handed down, many times, and nothing like new. But I loved it. My sister's wearing one too I think ... anyway, we never went to parties!

Clare - Yes she's always been taller and still is, but it doesn't matter at all now! I can see the famous Five reference would fit. My sister was more of a tomboy than I was!

Kay Cooke said...

Postcards - Thank you!

rel said...

A marvelous interview. A painting with words showing us a glimpse of the poet Kay.
"real life is often a clumsy artist." Oh so very well put.

Kay Cooke said...

Rel - Thanks so much. :)

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