Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Rethabile has encouraged me today by linking to my poem, 'Life's Work'. Rethabile is also an editor of the international, online poetry magazine Canopic Jar - worth a look and also as somewhere to submit your poetry.
Appropriately the poem is partly about our son Mike Cooke who is going to be exhibiting, along with eight other emerging NZ artists, at the Christchurch City Art Gallery in a show called 'Cloud Nine'. Opening night is next Friday. We are looking forward to being in Christchurch for that. From Ch'ch I fly up to Wellington (my second favourite NZ city) to catch up with family.
We are also starting to realise that our dream of visiting our son's home in Japan is getting very close. Not long to go now and we will be flying over to Kyoto, via Singapore.
Things to look forward to in the very near future, which is fitting as spring begins to stir around us.

The musky smell of the plum blossom at the bottom of our drive now greets me as I set off on my walk to work. Or to catch the bus into town as I did today; actually two buses so that I could visit my daughter in Belleknowes. I could have had the car, but forgot I needed it and when Robert set off for work in the morning (early) I was still too wrapped in sleep to want to leap out and drop him off. Having the one car is sometimes a hassle, but mostly it means I get to walk lots and that we are doing our bit for the environment. The bus service is pretty good, but if it was even better maybe more people would use it and their car less. In a perfect world.
Another encouragement was getting my poem on qarrtsiluni mentioned here at Procrastination Station. Such encouragements help boost the writer in me to keep going. Not that I heeded it today, a day in which I only attended the borders instead of getting right into the garden. But I do think that from now until mid-October, it might just be a case of note-taking. There is a bit too much going on. And anyway, I need to knit (speaking of which, go here to Catherine's blog for an interesting post on this art and its connection to poetry) ... Ah. Busyness. Blame it on spring.


Unknown said...

I knew that blue Raleigh was special when I read it - good on ya. All good things come to those who wait, and you've got loads of good stuff to share!

Catherine said...

Such a shame that the opening is the weekend that we will be out of town (heading north for some warmer temperatures, I hope). I plan on catching up with Mike's exhibition when we get back. also that weekend is a poetry workshop with Frankie McMillan at the Christchurch City Library. Saturday morning, I think - if there is any chance that you could make it, you could contact the library to book a spot. I just went to her book launch and it was great.

Catherine said...

Oh, and thanks for the link :)


Hello, just wanted to leave you a comment to say how much I've enjoyed reading some of your posts today. You have a great site, wonderful pictures and writing.

Best wishes !

apprentice said...

Argh where did our summer go? You have so many lovely things on the horizon, I hope you get time to savour them all.

Kay Cooke said...

Barbara - Thank you! That waiting motto is the one I live by. And I am still waiting ... ;)

Catherine - I fly off to Wgtn early on the Sat. after the exhib. opening, so no opportunity to go to Frankie's workshop. Sounds good tho'! I hope you enjoy seeing M's work up close!

Elise - Why, thank you! :)

Apprentice - Ah Time that wing-ed chariot ... I wonder if I have ever really caught a ride properly or if I am somehow just hanging on to the tow bar?

Kay Cooke said...
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rel said...

Soon to Japan! You must be full of glowing expectation.
I spent some time in Japan as a young man; Yokosuka and Yokohama.
Recognition from other authors is a wonderful thing.

Becky Willis Motew said...

Gosh, your spring is early, I think. We are slogging through the "dog days" of summer, hot and humid. Looking at those daffs makes me feel wistful. Excited to think about you going to Japan!

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