Thursday, 30 July 2009


My Nana (Bessie Butler) as a child.

Have reached two writing deadlines this past couple of weeks, so I'm very feeling smug. There are more deadlines on the horizon though, just to keep me on task. Deadlines are great ways to keep me writing. Otherwise it feels like I am writing at the bottom of an empty water tank, thrashing out at hollow, tin walls.
Our son Chris has arrived for a couple of nights as his week's snow-boarding in the South Island mountain ski fields had to be abandoned sooner than planned because of bad weather. But he got in four days worth, so he's happy. We will savour every moment he's here because soon he is going overseas for a year. First to Chile, then Portugal, then Mexico.

My Grandad (Reg Lee).

This will mean that over half of our family will be living overseas. Kiwis, although named after a flightless bird, are anything but grounded - in the sense of flight anyway. We have a reputation for being incurable travellers. Scratch any corner of the world, and you'll most likely find a kiwi. Some think this yearning to wander (like Di) is because we live so far away from anywhere else and need to get out and experience the world in order not to feel so cut off. But I think it may have something to do with the fact that we hail from migratory and / or emigrant stock. At present my sister and partner are curiously exploring Townsville, Australia and intend to go from there to the Daintree Forest, among other places in that part of the world.
Meanwhile back here in the middle of a very long winter, we will keep the home fires burning. For me, tomorrow is another writing day. I will be writing about home and family history and what I see around me. For now, happy enough to be grounded.


Catherine said...

For a Kiwi, I've travelled remarkably little. I'd love to be able to afford to travel more, a month or so overseas every year would be wonderful, or even better, a year or two based in Europe and able to dash off to different countries for a week or so.
For the moment I'll have to be satisified with a week in the Bay of Islands at the end of August.

Katherine Dolan said...

Wow, Bessie looks a lot like you AND like your grand-daughter B!

Megan Clayton said...

I love the images of your grandparents in this post.

Kay Cooke said...

Catherine - Our trip to Japan in Sept. will be the first time we have left these shores since 1977. I fear it just may give me the travel bug again.

Katipo - Yes even I can see what you mean!

harvestbird - Thank you. They were lovely people & I have lovely memories of them.

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