Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Congratulations Cilla

Yellow flag snapping in the wind at Bayfield Park

Thanks to Michele Leggott for what she has achieved in her role as New Zealand's Poet Laureate for the past two years. I wish her well for whatever she has planned from here on in. She is an admirable woman and I have huge respect for her as a writer and as a person.
And huge congratulations to Cilla McQueen for her appointment as our next Poet Laureate. A well-deserved appointment. I am thrilled to bits for her because she is one of my favourite poets and has been for a very long time now. She is also the nicest person, unaffected and natural; a down to earth lady and ... well, as I said, nice. Funny too with a quick sense of humour and an insightful mind. Plus she's intelligent and interesting, warm and generous. And an awesome poet. She lives in Bluff, Southland now (which for those of you who don't know New Zealand's geography, is right at the bottom of the South Island - as far as you can go before leaving the mainland.)

Witch hazel
Meantime I am plodding away in my own fashion churning out words and pleased with what is shaping up from them. Although it is all pretty scattered stuff at the moment, I am beginning to fashion stories and poems from what I am coming up with. Having two full writing days to work with through the week has made all the difference.
Part of my enjoyment has come from reading through old diaries and notes. I am so pleased I kept such things, although some of the material makes me cringe. I was so idealistic when I was young. But then, weren't we all?

Oyster catchers on Bayfield Park - stopping in and sheltering from the storm at sea.


Penelope said...

Thanks for another big-hearted blog, Kay. And re your 'Poet Envy', please keep on with your own lovely creations. To quote yourself: 'It is only now with the light behind/that we learn to read more slowly.' And to write the kind of poems we need.

kj said...

oooh, so you are writing perhaps a memoir of sorts? i will love to see anything you want to share.

chief, are you feeling better? i've been sending you healing thoughts.


Kay Cooke said...

Penelope - You are a sweetie. I'd forgotten that line!

kj - Mmmmmm ... sort of a memoir - in bits I guess. A chopped-up memoir might not be too far from the truth.
I am feeling a whole lot better - last week I was not the best; headach-y and lack of energy; but it was never dire or particularly unbearable. Just annoying.

Becky Willis Motew said...

Two days a week to write is not bad. I always think about Alexandr Solzhenitsyn who wrote books in prison. And others did too. Gosh, if they did that, we can certainly make time for ours, can't we? Easy for ME to say, I have the summer off. Keep the faith.


Unknown said...

How lovely to read about the new PL. I shall look her up Kay.

I know what you mean about old notebooks. Mine only go back about ten years. I lost the previous ones I had. Perhaps that's better in a way!

Katherine Dolan said...

Great news about Cilla's appointment. I'm so glad you have more time to write! And wonderful pictures too -- love all three of 'em.

Kay Cooke said...

Becky - That is all true! Sometimes I think I need to be shut in a cell - not a prison one perhaps! But one that's quiet without internet access! ;)

Barbara - Hmmm yes I think thoughts that go too far back may become a little irrelevant ... ?

Katipo - Thanks. Yes it is great news. Long awaited by me as I know she'll be a great laureate.

Di Mackey said...

Oyster catchers on Bayfield Park ... the most unexpected things get me. I spent some time living in Broad Bay and Portobello ... I saw that sight so often.

Congrats on meeting the writing deadlines.

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