Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Winter is Great (Number Two)

I couldn't get to sleep last night. For whatever reason, I am going through a patch where my brain just won't switch off. I heard the writer Kate de Goldi say on the radio this morning that anxiety that keeps you awake at night is a sign of an imaginative mind. All well and good, but what benefit is creative energy to a sleep-deprived brain? The myriad of ideas for stories and poems I conjured up last night, are all gone now.

So I responded to the news R brought in with a cup of tea at 7.00 a.m. that snow had forced schools (as well as the childcare centre where I work) to close for the day, with a whoop of delight.
And promptly fell asleep for a couple more hours.

We haven't really moved from the fireside all day. Presently listening to Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt's CD, 'Tuscon Wall'.

Yep. Winter is great.


Unknown said...

It's not that long ago since I was reading about the big snow-out in the UK (February?). I love snow, but we never get a decent amount here! Enjoy it, it looks fabulous :)

by kd said...

I love the farmer out there in the snow in his black singlet winding up the tractor. Not sure if it's still there, but Waikouaiti school used to have an antique tractor in the playground.

Catherine said...

A day off - lucky you! Although you won't quite convince me that winter is great, it is way too expensive to keep warm in winter.
How about keeping pen and paper beside the bed to jot those ideas down?

herhimnbryn said...

SNOW! I miss it!

Claire Beynon said...

Ah, dear Kay, you're suffering from BBS (Buzzy Brain Syndrome) and have my full empathy. It's all very well, but... ! These days, I choose to think that when my brain wakes me up at all hours, it's because there's some or other work (or play) it has to do and that - contrary to how it looks - then and there is prob. the best time to tackle it? Hmm - doesn't always make the next day straightforward, though, does it?!

I agree with you about winter - when we're lucky enough to be able to keep warm, it can be invigorating!

PS. Love the characterful tractor & farmer.

Clare Dudman said...

Yes, snow is worth having just for the feeling it gives you when you're marooned by it. There is nothing to do but give in, relax and enjoy. I hope you've caught up on your sleep now, Kay.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I LOVE days like that, when there is good snow outside and a toasty warm fire inside to curl up in front of.




Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Kay Cooke said...

Barbara - Living down by the sea means we don't get the thick snow of the hill suburbs, but it's still enough to enjoy!

kd - I don't remeber seeing the antique tractor there the other day. Tractors are dear to my heart.

Catherine - Either that or a dictaphone ...

hhnb - It is lovely stuff.

Claire- I just like to moan!

Clare - Sleeping a lot better now. Only working two days this week has certainly helped.

Kay Cooke said...

Scarlett - No, coffee and/or tea! :)

Anne Camille said...

Hot and humid here now, but I'm content to wait 6 months for snow. Love the occassional snuggle-in snow day, but need a few more months to soak up the sun before I can be prepared to endure 5 months of non-stop gray, ice, and piles of dirty snow that don't melt away for months. I love the cycle of the seasons. How great that you live by the sea and can participate in the plunge into cold waters.

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