Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Excuse the Metaphors

I thought this piece of driftwood that I spotted on Saturday, looked just like some weird, alien sunbather.

Good news today - a poem of mine has been accepted for the on-line magazine, Qarrtsiluni.
The Introductory piece by Anna Dickie for the June - August edition (with its theme of Economy) is up now and features a place called Tilting. Yep. Tilting. Don't you just love the idea of living in a place called Tilting? I know I do.


We went for a bit of a walk tonight to help Robert's back after a day of sitting at work. The evening was cold and clear, and the stars were out. We looked for the Southern Cross and found it directly overhead, like a centre seam in a knitted hat. We had to tilt (there's that word again) our heads right back to see it. And it was perfect. Just sitting there. Pointing out.

This is what I feel like in the middle of a working week. A little, round, stubby log stranded at low tide with a long wait ahead of me before the next high tide comes to float me away.



herhimnbryn said...

Dear round stubby log,
Take heart. Logs endure.
love hhb.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I know that log!!! I'm sitting on it today, with no possibility of waves in sight.

Tilting is fantastic!
...Kind of like California will be, if the 'big one' ever hits.

Someday I *will* see the Southern Cross.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Katherine Dolan said...

Congratulations! I like the St. Clair shots, esp. sunbathing alien.

Claire Beynon said...

Dear Kay - poignant, potent images - these ones and the stunning sequence from windswept St. Clair on the weekend. Thank goodness, there's a rhythm to the tides; they do turn and as you have shown, often deliver up unexpected treasures when they do. I'm looking forward ++ to time in your company on Monday afternoon. I sometimes feel like a squat log, too. We'll have to be careful that Martha recognizes us as the women we are, otherwise we might end up a-blaze in her fire box - eek?! Take care - L, C

apprentice said...

Thanks for the mention Kay. It is a fantastic book - but then I'm a ref book nut.

BTW if you have any pictures of that old bike they would be welcome too to go with your piece.

I hope Robert's back is on the mend.

Kay Cooke said...

hhb - Thanks :) Log duly taken heart!

Scarlett - Yes I am sure of it too, one day you will see the Southern Cross!

Katherine - Thanks. I loved the alien too!

Claire - I am really looking forward to Monday afternoon too. Knowing Martha she will see right through any attempts to come disguised as logs!

Anna - Thanks. (I have no photos of the old bike, alas.)

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