Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Alas A Lack

The photos featured this post are from my library of images, so if you think you've seen them somewhere before, you have - right here. When I got out of our staff meeting tonight, a frosty mist was swirling above the streetlight. We could feel the frost clenching its fist tight around the city, promising (or threatening) an icy start to the day tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to going to a play at The Playhouse tomorrow. Some very good friends of ours, Burt and Liz Nisbet, are in the play running there at the moment. The play, written by JB Priestly, is called, 'When We Are Married' and is meant to be very funny. It is a production being put on in celebration of Dunedin Repertory Society's 75th anniversary. Our friends were very active in Dunedin's vibrant world of theatre and music in the late sixties - we have heard many a tale of those heady days.
(Review of tomorrow night's production will follow anon.)


Coming up in Dunedin is another Pecha Kulcha night on June 10th at the Art School. Should be a fascinating entertaining evening. It is Dunedin's second such event. The first one I reviewed here.
Wednesday 10 June, 2009
Doors open 7.30pm, start 8.20pm
Lecture room P152 (new building), Ground floor. Enter off Riego Street.
School of Art, Otago Polytechnic


I see the Port Chalmers poetry reading sessions have come to an end. A shame it has had to stop as I know its existence was appreciated. A friend and I always meant to go and check it out, but somehow never quite made it out there.


Now that that Poetry reading event has ended, I get the impression that Poetry Reading events in Dunedin are a little thin on the ground now. It might be that I am just right out of the loop; there could be a secret, pulsing, fiery, little heart of Poetry going on somewhere in the basement of some hotel. But, sadly, I don't think this is the case.
This present dearth is a bit different to the past when we had a few young, energetic, university-driven generators who were right into the world of poetry; organising, leading and pumping out regular poetry reading events. Those were the days. I am talking the mid-to-late 90s and early on into the twenty-first century when Nick Ascroft, Richard Reeve, James Saville-Smith et al. were the drivers, ably supported by local celebs. such as Jenny Powell, Claire Beynon, John Dolan, Diane Brown, David Eggleton, Katherine Liddy, Peter Olds, Sue Wootton, Martha Morseth, David Karena-Holmes, Elizabeth Isichei, Nicholas Reid, Emma Neale ... and many others ... as well as local eccentrics, ravers and other assorteds. Some of the Burns Fellows during their year in Dunedin, supported these nights as well ... I can think of James Norcliff and Alison Wong (and there were probably no doubt others I've forgotten ..)
For a time too we had running alongside these readings, the Martha Morseth-driven 'Upfront' poetry readings, allowing some quieter poets to emerge and take the spotlight, gaining confidence and rightful acclaim.
And we have recently had the Circadian Rhythm poetry readings run by Poppy Braithwaite and the Octagon Collective, but I haven't heard about any events planned for this year. For whatever reason, we've hit a bit of a slump. That's okay ... a resurgence will erupt somewhere sometime I am sure of it. Dunedin and poetry go together and there are certainly many poets residing here. Let's hope that if they have gone underground, they are at least writing, ready to emerge into the spotlight to reveal all. When the time is right.



apprentice said...

I think you're right, things do go in cycles.

I value the two peer review groups I go to. It gives you the chance to here othes' work and test out your own stuff.

BTW the Q. call doesn't close until the 31st. Be good to see you there.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Just keep writing! (How's the Japanese class coming along?)

I can say 'hello,' 'goodbye,' 'thank you very much,' and now 'bathroom.'

Kay Cooke said...

Anna - Thanks for that. I'll certainly see what I can do ... :)

Joyce - The Japanese lessons were just for the one term (six weeks.) We have the notes etc. to refer to and review when the time gets closer.
The words you can say are very important ones to know!

Katherine Dolan said...

Looking forward to the next PK night review!

Kay Cooke said...

Katipo - I'll see what I can do!

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