Monday, 15 December 2008

Paint Us Another Starry Night

The last day of M's exhibition 'Thunder Head and Rainbow Face' means stripping the bright, filled-in walls of the Blue Oyster back to white space.

It's saying good-bye to the paintings that were bought, now away from our gaze, leaving behind emptiness.

That's the nature of art - one-offs. Unlike the repetition of the printing press.

Or of song. As Joni Mitchell once said after someone in the audience yelled out for a song; "Funny how Vincent Van Gogh was never asked to paint us 'Starry Night' again."


apprentice said...

A bit bittersweet to take them all down, but in your mind's eye they will still all be there I'm sure.
And that's the important thing.

I feel for singers, they must get so sick of their "hits" At least artists can start afresh each time, though Jackson Pollock's dots would have driven me nut :)


Kay Cooke said...

Wise comments. I have often pondered on the difference between the various genres as far as production and appreciation goes.

Tammy Brierly said...

A sad farewell but just picture the next show. :)

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