Monday, 15 December 2008

On the Doorstep


We who are bad
are on the other side
of the stoop, ignored.
Like leaves, our hearts curl.

Outside, the stony town
struggles to free itself
from a tangle
of cloud. Out there

the faces
of the goody-goodies
gleam as smooth
as sucked sweets.


On Saturday we went to Salisbury House to take a look at an exhibition there by local artists. I was particularly interested in Kirsten Wenburn's art. I appreciated her work's quietude, order and balance. I particularly liked 'Time Jumps for Alice' (if I remember the title of the work correctly.) I liked it because I could understand the way it tried to at first capture, and then set free, time. I believe most or all of Kirsten's work on display in the gallery was on ceramic tiles; some displayed in a cruciform pattern. I was taken with what looked like the imprint of wallpaper patterns on some of the tiles. Wallpaper patterns have the capacity to instantly bring back memory of home and place.
I didn't feel I could take photos of the art in the gallery, so made do with the doorway. Which in turn inspired the poem.


Carmen said...

"gleam as smooth as sucked sweets" what a fantastic image!

Claire Beynon said...

Fabulous word picture, Kay - thank you!

Kay Cooke said...

camille - Thank you!

Claire - Hi! Thanks!

kj said...

i totally love the first stanza of your poem. only a wonderful poet and writer could have written those words. and it made me feel alot better about being "bad"...


Tammy Brierly said...

What wonderful poem Kay. I loved the line "Like leaves, our hearts curl." HUGS

apprentice said...

Yes the last phrase is wonderful.
We have great sweeties here called "soor plooms" "sour plums -they'd fit the bill here.

A lovely post Kay.

Kay Cooke said...

kj - Thanks - join the club! I'd sooner be a baddie than a goody-goodie any day.

Tammy - HUGS back!

Apprentice - Yes soor plooms would nicely fit the bill!

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