Sunday, 7 December 2008

Making a List and Checking it Twice

* I have certainly made myself a list - it's a scruffy little affair (maybe by forcing it to be a street urchin, I can keep it from becoming a tyrant!) I keep stapling new strips of old calendar pages to it until it's almost become as heavy as a brick.

* Ruth Arnison, a local poet, has got an exciting project underway here in Dunedin. It's called 'Poetry in Waiting Rooms' and is an idea she got from the UK. She has obtained permission from the originator of the idea to do a similar project over here. Go HERE to read about it.

* I keep forgetting to mention how one windy but otherwise pleasant Sunday in September - October this year, Rosemarie Smith, a Southland Times reporter and a fellow ex-Gore High School pupil, interviewed me for the Gore newspaper. Rosemarie, a competent, experienced journalist with an understated, smooth style; yet satisfyingly meticulous for all that; has a relaxed manner and receptive ear. She took very few notes, yet the article (which relatives down there kindly saved for me) proved she had listened well and carefully. She took a photo of me as well (looking a mite windblown) down by the harbour outside 'The Customhouse Restaurant'. I was chuffed about gaining some kudos in my old hometown. I even got a proud phone call about it from my Southland-farmer brother. Thanks Rosemarie, and may your tireless quest to find succcessful, imaginative writers who used to attend GHS, field you nifty results! (Tim Jones of the blog Books In Trees is another writer who was interviewed by Rosemarie.)

* I am enjoying reading a book by NZer (from Christchurch) Hamish Beaton called 'Under the Osakan Sun', which is about the time he spent in Japan teaching English. It is full of colourful characters and quixotic occurrences and adventures and is giving me valuable insight into what it must be like for our son over there teaching for three years now. Our son has a blog which has some interesting posts about his experiences over in Japan (although he hasn't updated in a while.) Kamsin's blog also provides me with insight. She also writes very well about her time over in Japan and I really enjoy her posts. Of course I fully believe both her and S will one day publish their books too! And then there is Mama Llama's blog which on occassions also features her teaching adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun. Next year I hope I can add my own, when we make our trip over there. Meanwhile I shall glean what impressions I can from these people. Having a granddaughter who is half-Japanese certainly gives me incentive!


apprentice said...

Your more organised than me, I'm still deeply in denial :)

Having a wee one for Christmas must be wonderful -I'll just have hungery men.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to details about Ruth's project. She'd mentioned it in her bio, and I wondered what it was all about. It sounds great -- why wouldn't anyone want to read poems instead of the thumbed-through magazines that are usually provided? Go Ruth!

Tammy Brierly said...

How exciting to have had an article written. Can you email it to me? I hope you get to Japan soon. :) HUGS

Catherine said...

I'm looking enviously at your "day off" on the calendar on December 12th (I will of course share the day off on the 25th with you, though I suspect it doesn't really count as a day off with Christmas dinner to organise!)
The waiting room project looks excellent. I wonder if it will spread to Christchurch. I don't have time to do it myself, though. One of our poetry group works at a medical specialists, I will point it out to her.

Kay Cooke said...

apprentice - It's a case of having to be this year. Maybe next year I can drift a little more.

dana - I agree. It's got a lot going for it.

tammy - I'll give it a go ... I'd have to get a hard copy organised first.

catherine - Aha that isn't this month's dates - I'm using the back of an old calendar ... so no I don't have the 12th off. I wish.

Becky Willis Motew said...

That is very exciting about the Christmas guests, Kay. You must be beside yourself. I would be. And I'm sure that article will not be the last one about you. Congrats,


Claire Beynon said...

Hi Kay - there are plenty of things in your world to 'write home about...' M's exhibition opening looked wonderful - it was great to be able to link up to Channel 9 and hear him talk about his work. I've loved your blogs these past weeks, especially - and the link to the hermit crab site was a beaut,; I passed it on to one of the female scientists I've been with. She loves hermit crabs - their Latin name 'coenobichus' features large in her world, and is even included in her e-address! Lovely that you will have a babe here for Christmas. Thanks for the welcome home note today. It's been an amazing time, and I'm happy to be home now, too. Hope to see you before too long. L, Claire

by kd said...

Congrats on the interview! Where can I get a copy?

kj said...

"who have we got?"

what's the answer, chief?


Mama Llama said...

Hmmm...I know I left a comment earlier, but it does not seem to have posted.

Anyhow, I think I'll have to look for Mr. Beaton's version of his three years in the Land of the Rising Sun. I'm sure I can relate to much of what he says.

And I suppose I need to get back to my Flashback Friday series for my old Japan posts. It is so much fun to go back and relive that life once had, once again.

I hope you are enjoying your spring-into-summer. I am envious...

Be well, Kay!

Kay Cooke said...

becky - I am beside myself - a weird feeling indeed!
I trust there will be more fame... but the Press is so fickle!!! :)
claire - Thanks so much - your reports from Antartica bordered on (nay, were fully) sublime! You are a gifted chronicler.
kd - I will have to scan my copy.
kj - What eagle eyes you have! It alludes to who we have for Xmas in the extended family - we all take turns to buy the one large present for another member of the family.
mama llama - I read your comment in my email - I wonder why it didn't appear in the comments box?
Anyway, thanks for taking the trouble to repeat your lovely comments! :) I am sure you will identify with a lot of what he says. My son is keen to read the book as he too will no doubt find common ground.

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