Sunday, 7 December 2008

Introducing Boris

I bought this Christmas stocking today for our granddaughter Aya who will arrive with S and E on Christmas Eve to be with us for her first Christmas. Our chimney is rather narrow though - I hope SC doesn't get stuck!

I started the day off by having a coffee with a friend who's also a writer. We chatted about writing and sundries beside a garden centre where the light flooded in through a giant perspex ceiling. I chose as an accompaniment to the coffee (and for my breakfast) a ginger pear baby cake.

To my friend I bemoaned the fact that even though recently I've written a trinity of poems, I can't see much time in the next few weeks for writing, as there are far more exciting things to think about. That poem about my mother dancing is going to have to wait.
My friend told me not to worry; that the ideas are all brewing and will just pour out 'ready-made' when the time is right. I am holding on to that. My muse is mad with me though and is sulking. If indeed I have a muse. (If I do it's male and a grouch.)

This is probably my favourite Christmas tree ornament ... it was the first one I owned and was bought in the UK when we were over there in the 70s ...

The exciting things that we have on our immediate horizon are the Christmas Eve arrival of SEA from Kyoto; here for Christmas and for the NZ celebration of their marriage in January.

This cheery fellow was sent over from Japan last Christmas. This year he joins our Christmas Tree family.

The Christmas tree this year is a real live one growing in a large pot. I purchased it today from the garden centre where my friend and I met for coffee. I picked it out especially and have named it Boris. I think Boris likes it here. I like him too - he smells nice!


Anonymous said...

I keep thinking it's strange to see Christmas decorations, then I realize it's December.

Hey, do you ever collaborate with other poets or artists? Like your son? I am editing a literary journal whose theme is collaboration. I'd love it if you would submit something.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Dana - now if that doesn't get me motivated nothing will - what would I do without you?

Anonymous said...

Kay, apparently you do quite a lot without me. ;)

Tammy Brierly said...

Boris is lovely and I'm so excited this Christmas for you! To be with your grand baby on her first Christmas is priceless. XXOO

Kay Cooke said...

Dana - Looks deceive!

Tammy - You are so right about that!

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