Sunday, 16 November 2008



R's parents are here for M's Exhibition Opening at Blue Oyster Gallery on Tuesday night.

Today we checked out the Chinese Gardens.








... and then popped into the Blue Oyster Gallery to see how things were progressing ...









life's work

Today, washing the dishes

the smell of dish-washing liquid,

the sound of distant conversation,

a grey warbler, the neighbour

putting in his vegetable garden;

our son hanging

his life's work

so far in the balance;

I think


but maybe not

of the smell of haymaking

and the bliss of stopping

for a picnic tea

on a woollen rug

and the taste of sun

and time, not lost

so much as stoppered.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


And here are two older posts to add to the bottom of this one:

Catherine and I met up and had dinner out at the Circadian Rhythm cafe, taking in a Poetry Reading at the same time.


It was a good chance to show Catherine, who is herself part of the poetry scene in Christchurch, a little of the poetry scene in Dunedin.

By the way, here is a link to Bill Direen's take on the night at Scott Hamilton's very fine blog.


David Eggleton


Jeanne Bernhardt




David Karena Holmes

poetry-reading-viewpointBill Direen

Other readers were Peter Olds and Richard Reeve.

Claire Beynon

I urge you to drop into Claire Beynon's Antarctic blog, Ice Lines - it's definitely got the WOW! factor. Amazing photos and videos taken with her artist's eye - plus fabtastic (I just made that word up!) writing. Claire is a talented writer and artist.

Plus a link to Reviews of books by Richard Reeve, Jeanne Bernhardt, Martha Morseth and Gary Brecher

And another choice of a link to the reviews c/- Wordpress


Catherine said...

Hope the exhibition goes well. I was planning on visiting the Chinese gardens, till I found there was an entry fee. We went to Larnach's Castle instead. And we drove out to Taiaroa Head, and were fortunate to see an albatross from the carpark, with a seagull trying to tag along behind - without having to pay :)
Back now, and frantically trying to catch up

Kay Cooke said...

Hi Catherine, I hope you enjoyed our fair city overall. So glad you saw the albatross over the car park!

rel said...

You have every reason to be proud!

I do believe artistic talent is a gift passed down thru the genes. It may express itself in different modes but the underlying imagination and ability are there.

Tammy Brierly said...

Hi Kay! I'm so excited for your son. That was a lovely poem and I'm glad to see you with Catherine. Great pics! HUG

Kay Cooke said...

rel - Thank you. Yes I think you are right.

Tammy - Thanks for your kind thoughts.

apprentice said...

Yes a lovely poem. Funny how when you stand at the sunk your mind often gets peace to take stock.

Anonymous said...

Look at you and Catherine together! I am sooooo jealous. Well, envious. ;)

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