Thursday, 2 October 2008

Ma and Pa Go Wild

A waterfall just as we got through the Haast Pass. It was raining hard, in true West Coast style, so there were lots of waterfalls to be seen. One tourist taking photos by the side of the road under a large umbrella, with rain pouring down in sheets off the umbrella's rim, was taking a huge risk with his expensive camera I thought!
A piece of Coast furniture.
West-Coast-sized fern.
Ma & Pa in the wild.
On the homeward journey. When we got to the top of the Pass, it was to find a snow-dusted silver beech forest - a little magic.

We just got back on Tuesday night from four days over on the West Coast catching up with our youngest son. It has been a case of - back home, unpack, catch up on emails, back to work ... download & upload photos ... and no time for much else. (I'm hanging out for the weekend now  so I can catch my breath and catch up a little with my stuff &generally get my act together.)
We have managed a couple of Skypes with our son and family in Kyoto tho'. Great excitement about our granddaughter's new trick. She can roll over! I swear she was looking straight at us as she showed off her new way of looking at the world. Only four months old and already in command of her locale. (Granma K is very impressed.) Only 3 months to go now and we will finally get to meet her and our new daughter in law in the flesh. Web cams are amazing, but the real deal can't be beat.

At the top of the Pass - I was proud of myself chugging up to the top of the walk!
After all the West Coast rainforest, it was an amazing contrast to hit the Central Otago lakes and more open country.
Some lambs on my brother's farm at Beaumont.  Well ... it is Spring after all.


Becky Willis Motew said...

Aw, love the lambs. You and Pa don't look old enough to be called that. :)

Avus said...

Nice to see the Haast Pass under snow. We came over in summer on both occasions.

Unknown said...

Lots of 'ooh' and 'ah' moments here, Kay. I love your pictures and observations. Spring, down there at last - yay!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Loved you sharing these pictures, and glad that you've had such a nice vacation. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new granddaughter, too. I also loved the lambs. And the chair and the waterfall, and especially the one of Ma and Pa!

Catherine said...

Is the new granddaughter coming to you, or are you going to her?

Kay Cooke said...

becky - i purposely took a photo of the lambs for you!

avus - It was a surprise to us too.

barbara - yay indeed yay and thrice times - yay!

joyce - I must get some photos of Aya organised.

catherine - They are coming over here for Xmas and the NZ wedding ceremony later in Jan, and then we plan to go over there in 09.

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