Tuesday, 28 October 2008

State Highway One

Over your right shoulder as you travel south from Christchurch, across the Canterbury Plains, are the Southern Alps. They kept me company all the way to Ashburton and then to Timaru ... it was a splendid day and the viewing was easy!

Maybe when I reached Timaru and dropped in to spend a bit of time there at Caroline Bay, I had been influenced by having recently seen on TV the comedian Rhys Darby , famous for his part as the manager in 'Flight of the Conchords.' He was pointing out how NZ is a land of Adventure and Fun! Yeah; such such as mini-golf, mini-train rides, bumper boats and the like. He was affectionately poking the borax; but it is so true.
Yesterday while wandering pleasant Caroline Bay, everywhere I looked there seemed to be evidence of his claim ... oh dear.

You could say however that these guys are a bit of a step up from trivial rides. They are floundering. Now I know what that sounds like ... but in fact they are setting a flounder net.

And as always, there's a dog joining in.

And you thought mermaids weren't real? I found this one on the sand, just lying there minding her own business; sunbathing .

Timaru is an established seaside town with a port - these old houses on the skyline above the Port look down upon the doings like the dowagers they are.

Numbered concrete seats at the Sound Shell where Open Air Concerts and Talent Quests and such-like Summer Fair Fun are held.

A ferris wheel waiting for its turn ...

Sound Shell - the stage for the Open Air Concerts. This photo is for McD - she knows why!

On the road again heading for Oamaru ... this bright yellow paddock catching my eye.

I stopped at a cute little Berry Farm and bought some jams and chutneys.

Farther down the road, another stop. The day was gloriously warm and I was finding it hot driving, so a lot of stops were the order of the day. I was now away from the Plains and travelling along the coast.

I took a small detour to have a bit of a look around the small coastal township of Karitane.

And then before I knew it, I was home again.


dinzie said...

I have pictures of mcd S and E at the sounshell at timaru...Boy did the girls sulk..mcd telling them they are seeing family history :O)

we had a nice meal there - with an out of tune piano player far too close to the table.....

wendy said...

your spring and summer bring comfort to me each fall and winter.

Thank you soooo much for that.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

I love the trip!

I found WordPress hard to use--Blogger has some problems now and then, but then, I figure don't we all...?

McDinzie said...

oh the soundshell......the childhood memories....on long hot summers....and talent quests :)

Karitane.....now was that where cherry farm was?? or was it just a town to giggle at because of karitane yellow??

Kay Cooke said...

dinzie - yes I remembered that photo when I was there!

wendy - Hey thanks! :)

joyce - I like bits of both so I will make a choice one day Meanwhile ...

mcd - Not where Cherry Farm was ... nearly tho'. A coastal town in NZ with typical characteristics - so far largely untouched by the tourist dollar or developers. There was a house or two for sale ... I did have a little dream for a moment ... tempted?

Becky Willis Motew said...

Thanks for the tour, Kay. I really feel as though I've been there. Wow, so beautiful. I'm terrible at mini-golf, by the way.


kj said...

oh that mermaid!!! and those mountains!

chief, this was so fun to follow along with you. what an absolutely beautiful part of the world you li!e in. thank you thank you.


Tammy Brierly said...

Thank you for sharing your trip Kay. I enjoyed my visit!

Avus said...

Ah! those pics of the Southern Alps brought back happy memories of travelling the gravel road to Mount Sunday at about this time of year.
It was a spot I had always promised myself to visit since seeing the spectacular setting in the "Lord of the Rings" film.
We were not disappointed - climbed to the top of the Mount and sat for about two hours taking in the sweep of those magnificent valleys and snow covered peaks.
You live in the most wonderful country in the world, in my opinion.

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