Sunday, 21 September 2008

On My Mind

stone and sky

Wood, stone,
sky, sand,
what you are telling
without words,
resists trust in time,
a soundless
story. The sea
mouths and foams
your grapple with rust
and air.


Anonymous said...

Love those photos! Those old groynes have so much character!

Unknown said...

Fabulous pictures, I see a face on the close up of the groyne.

I love the poem too.

Mama Llama said...


(I'm afraid to say more.)

Your other posts seem to have met oblivion, as I'm back at the 'Harbour' post of long ago. I'm frustrated at Blogger FOR you.

Be well, Kay.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos and a stirring poem. makes me feel like i am a part of it somehow.

kj said...

this reminds me so much of my bay in provincetown it confirms how small the world really is.

your words sparkle, chief.

rel said...

The water's edge captivates us and teaches too.

Becky Willis Motew said...



kj said...

chief, i can't seem to reach you by email and i want to...

carole said...

These are some of my favourite elements. Great photos too.

Jan said...

A wonderful word sketch, Kay, as well as superb closeups.

apprentice said...

I love wild beaches like this. I enjoyed the poem too. "The sea mouths and foams" is really vivid.

Kay Cooke said...

fearfully made - Thanks I can never resisit taking a photo whenever I approach them with a camera.

barbara - That is a face - I believe a monkey's face was decided last time I took a photo of these groynes.

mama llama - I don't know what's going on with that then ... hopefully they will fix it at some stage.

chcovmusings - That's nice!

kj - Thanks - the world is round!

rel - Nicely put - thanks!

becky - I'm glad you like it.

kj - Solved!

carole - Yep like to address the elements!! :)

Jan - you're very kind to say so.

apprentice - Thanks so much.

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