Sunday, 7 September 2008

A Little Grumpy

Today a cold wind, but lots of sun. I'm ambivalent about spring ... reluctant to let go of winter's soupy, fireside, woollen hatted and booted cosiness, and the handy excuse it gives me to hibernate. I should've been a bear or a hedgehog. Or a squirrel. At the moment I am blinking in the light and maybe even a little grumpy. I look around and see weeds, dirty windowpanes, dust balls and a freezer with ice three inches thick.

Aggie happy to uncurl.

Kowhai happy to unfurl.

Matchsticks happy to untwirl. 



McDinzie said...

I agree about the hibernating but not about the love of no no no no :)

Aggie looks very happy :) we had a happy cat today he lay on the glass framed window we have lying over the vege seeds to protect them....hopefully dinzie will post them :)

Rethabile said...

I'll hibernate any day, any season, long as I have a drink and a book.

Unknown said...

And here we prepare to curl and furl and try to ignore the fact that autumn id here and we haven't had any summer at all!

Unknown said...

Oh but it sounds as though you're getting ready to hit the spring-cleaning. I do know how you feel; everything seems to need rejuvenating. Even us humans!

Catherine said...

I'd rather hibernate in a sunny upstairs bedroom with a book than on a cold grey winter day, especially as we are not supposed to have open fires in Christchurch any more.
The main thing I dislike in spring is that the weeds spring up while I blink. If I don't get the lawns cut as soon as they dry out from winter, it is just about impossible.

Tammy Brierly said...

Lets switch places? I'm enjoying my summer too much! Those Matchsticks are so beautiful!


No more cranky pants or I'll send you more tea. LOL

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