Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sea Level Dispatches

I got a laptop for my birthday and this is my first post from it. I chose this sparrow from my library of pics because last night after googling my name (yes! I do!) I found that someone had swiped this photo for (of all things) a fencing website in order to demonstrate how a fence-post was made, which I think is very funny.  
The photo is fitting because it reminds me of the weekend we spent last year at my brother's farm in winter with feeding out, a walk in the turnips to shift a mob of sheep ... and mud! A taste of country in winter is always a bracing experience.
Snow is all around the city on the hill suburbs, but nowhere near us in our sea-level suburb. The other day I heard someone say proudly, "We're 400," meaning that where they live is 400 meters above sea level (which is usually as far down as the snow lies.) I wasn't aware until then that your height above sea-level is actually a bit of a status symbol! (I guess sea-level is way down in the stakes ... well, when it comes to snowfalls anyway.)

In between the sleety showers, we scampered into a curtain shop and bought some new curtains for the spare room 

that I have now finished painting (apart from one more coat on the wardrobe doors.) And for my office.

A poem:

bad mother

She texts my sister, the youngest
and the one she's always been 
the most free with, 'I'm naked
and happy what r u going to do about it.'
To which my sister between gasps
could only reply, 'bad mother'
and with some glee, spread the word 
among the family who are aghast
and stunned and can't help but wonder 
if this means a Bowling Ladies calendar 
is in the offing or if at 77 
she's simply just finally gone 
mad and free?

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Clare Dudman said...

Oh, that poem is just lovely, Kay - so defiantly joyous. I hope that makes your next collection. And I'm very glad to see where you work - it looks quite uplifting with the pictures against the wall (and I like those blue curtains too).

Catherine said...

Is that poem based on a true story? It certainly had me chuckling.
We are well below 400 metres here, but the snow lay in our garden for several hours before a blast of cold rain washed it away - plenty of snow on the hills behind us. I guess Christchurch copped more of it than Dunedin this time!
It's certainly been a cold winter. Thanks for listening to me, I was a bit nervous about making a fool of myself especially since I didn't know ahead of time what the questions would be and some were things I hadn't really tought about.

Anonymous said...

heh. love the poem.

Tammy Brierly said...

I'm so envious of your laptop Kay. My bd is Sept but I bought Dave an expensive toy for his August birthday. I might have to wait on santa. ;)

That poem is soooo darn cute! Fiction?


Mama Llama said...

Happy Birthday, albeit belated...? Best wishes for this new year!

Your laptop appears, from here, to be in fine working condition!

The picture is nice. I really loved the poem--I wonder if I will be mad or free--or both?--when I am 77?

Thank you. Be well, Kay!

Omykiss said...

bad weather ... bad mum ... great poem though!

Kay Cooke said...

clare- You say all the right things! Thanks.

catherine - the poem is based on a very true story.

ccm - Thanks.

tammy - I have a feeling you might get your wish!

mama lama - definitely both! tho in the nicest possible way 'course!

omyukiss - Thanks ... it was so true, it came ready-to-serve!

rel said...

Winter?? I don't think I'll ever get used to the idea of winter in July. ;
The freedom to be naked at 77 without guilt is a wonderful thing.

Unknown said...

You've caught the freedom there in a lovely smooth way, Kay. Lovely work and it really made me smile :)

dinzie said...

Ah but spare a thought of poor dinzie..Whom she announced it to on the Telephone NO LESS!! 'I'm naked and i'm happy'..."ah right....Thanks for sharing....I'll pass you over to McD".........


Becky Willis Motew said...

The curtains look very joyful.

The poem has a lot behind it, I think. My mother used to come out with some really weird ones occasionally. Once, as a hospital aide sat in our den talking to all of us, Mother turned to me and said, "What is that old windbag talking about?"

Stuff like that.
Get through the winter.

by kd said...

this post and comments are a great start to the morning.

funny about the fence pic, too.

Di Mackey said...

Oh ... I adore that!

Anne Camille said...

I love the poem. It made me laugh & I thought -- my mom would do that, but she'd never text; it would be on the phone. I can imagine her laugh if she were saying this. If I understand Dinzie's comment, it was on the phone :-)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

1. I love that mom did that, you go girl.

2. A spare room and a wardrobe? I feel an adventure coming on, I'll be right over. (ref Narnia...)

3. The curtains are great, they add a lot of good color.

4. I *LOVE* the slide show that you put together with your photos, your little grandbaby is such a sweet girl! So tiny and cute!

5. I know what you mean about status relating to 'how far do you live up in the hills'... that's a weird American thing too, you're doing well, the further up the hill you live. What IS that? So weird. Myself, I'd rather be just up from the beach and the water, so I could hear the waves at night while I dream.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

January said...

Since I tend to write "bad mommy" poems, it's interesting to read another perspective. There's always some sort of painfully funny truth in these poems.

Thank you for this. It's a jewel, right down to using texting language. Very cool.

(And congrats on the new laptop.)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

:D Funny poem!

Bowling Ladies calendar! Hehe. With your mother in it! Haha.

They STOLE your photo...are you flattered, or mad?

"A taste of country in winter...snowfalls...and sleety showers"-- We are on fire here. California's toast, and we are sizzling! Death Valley (in Calif), was 130 degrees yesterday, whereas we here in Slick City Utah were only 96....

Cool news about your new laptop!

Kay Cooke said...

rel - it certainly is winter. Brrrr.

barbara - Thanks for that. Means a lot.

dinzie - My sympathies are with you!!!

becky - sounds like a good subject for a poem!! That is so funny!

kd - Thanks. That bird pic is a fav of mine but not because of the fence-post!

january - Thanks and I am loving the laptop.

joyce - I guess both! But the photo has been taken off so they either felt guilty or something ...
Can't imagine heat right now!

di Thanks :)

cam - That sense of humour and cheek is a source of a lot of fun and abandon when you get older! And yes it was a comment on the phone to Dinzie who we joke is traumatised now for life!

scarlett - I LOVE all your comments! A treat indeed.

McDinzie said...

If only it had been just over the phone to dinzie...but alas not...a txt to me followed by a phone the dismay of dinzie

Kay Cooke said...

mcd - Thanks for clearing that up!

Rethabile said...

Wonderful. So simply put/written, but with the characteristic whatever-it-is-you-got, Kay...

I wish many more parents were that free.

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