Sunday, 20 July 2008

Bad Poet

This is a shot of the sky at one point last weekend. I noticed it as I was getting ready for the friendly invasion of family for dinner, and took a quick minute to point the camera in the general direction. I was rather pleased with the result. 

This weekend though, the sky has not been as dramatic, just low, impenetrable and grey. With the sun effectively cut out of the picture, it's been chilly-cold. We have been keeping the fire stoked.

Writing-wise, today I wrote a poem about our trip to Haast in April. (All that dark green left an impression.) It took me six hours. Of course it won't be the end of it. For me seldom is a poem finished on the first day. It can go on and on. However, as it stands at the moment I am pleased with it. Maybe it's a sign that at last this seemingly-interminable poem-drought is over. It's been a year since 'Made For Weather' was launched last 'NZ Poetry Day'. This year I was too tired after a week of work and visitors to attend the readings. Instead I blobbed in front of the fire and watched 'America's Next Top Model', 'Gavin ad Stacey' and the final of 'Project Runway'. Was that bad of me? I felt a little rebellious, but mostly just emotionaly drained and physically exhausted.

And now the weekend is over


dinzie said...

I can only approve of Gavin and Stacy as far as the viewing is concerned .... :O)

We've just visited M-in-L and took her to lunch with Steph .... ask McD about garlic bread and sirloin steak !! :O)

Clare Dudman said...

I always admire the patience of poets - 6 hours! But I expect it's spectacular!

Tammy Brierly said...

I can't imagine taking six hours to write a poem. But that is why you are amazing at it. :)

In that kind of weather watching those shows by a fire sounds wonderful.

Has it been a year already? wow


rel said...

You'll always be a poet, whether the words get to the paper or not.
After 2+ weeks with my grand daughters, there are many poems in my head, but little time to structure and refine them.
It's good that your groove is rising to the surface these days.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Now the weekend's over,
Monday's drawing nigh,
Shadows of the work days
Creep across the sky...

(My sincere apologies to Sabine Baring-Gould)

Kay Cooke said...

I did and got the latest - gotta watch McKenzies around food!!!

clare - Dunno 'bout that, but thanks for your confidence in me!

tammy - Yeah time flies doesn't it? So I guess that means it won't be long and it'll be summer here. ;)

rel - Thakns you're a real boost. Hope you get time to write those poems.

Joyce - That's nice! :)

Anonymous said...

I half expect Jesus to drop down through that break in the clouds. (Be on the lookout: He might well fall right onto you. Wear a hardhat or something.)

Unknown said...

Sometimes what you need is just a little 'blobbing' time.

That's great that you got time to make a poem. I'm happiest when I'm writing, or thinking about writing.

That picture is so spectacular - maybe there's a poem in there too...

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