Sunday, 29 June 2008

Fruit Puffs Rule!

NOTE: I went on a blogging binge this weekend - so don't just stop at this post - scroll on down until you get to last week - then you can have a rest! :)


My sister McDinzie has told me off for getting too negative about the state of the world. Always one to stay on the positive, she often sets me an example and leads the way in frivolity and fun.

For my birthday on Wednesday. She couriered (yes! couriered!) me a huge bag of Fruit Puffs. (I had previously bewailed the fact that I couldn't find any in the shops when I was making Lolly Cake to send to my son in Japan.) Never one to take the negative as the only solution, McDinzie set out to prove me wrong. In buckets!

I am ashamed to say that the packet was twice this size; since Wednesday, Robert and I (mostly me) have made much inroads; as you can see!

So - here's to more Fruit Puffs in the world!
More sweetness!
And light!

May the colours of the mighty Fruit Puff take power, adorn, smother, over-rule and conquer the very fabric of the planet and reign supreme!
May Fruit Puffs form their own clusters, propogate and take over! May hordes of raging Fruit Puff horsemen rampage and pillage and burn every last drop of doom and gloom until a more fluffy and cheerful, pastel-coloured lolly (or candy if you're American) peace reigns!

May they design small and intrepid, zippy little space craft to take out the earthly cumbersome war machines!
May they replace bio-fuel and petrol (gas if you're American) as the one and only reduced solution for snail-mail, skateboards, vespas, cars, jets and pigeons alike.

And so in McDinzie's honour - and because she puts things into a more cheerful perspective and tells me off when I get too morbid - here's the Fruit Puff Anthem: (sung to the tune of 'Yellow Rose of Texas' - which as JD says, is the great standard for any good poem's beat. Not that this is a good poem, far from it; it's far more fun!)

Glorious Fruit Puffs

(anthem no. 567 circa. 1877 in the 'Hymnals
of the Outer Climes of Gummies Bush, Southland, New Zealand.')

We never take no for an answer,

We never lie down and die,
The universe will be okay
When a Fruit Puff is nigh.

So all of you who say now
That no longer will there be
A Polar bear on the ice
Or a turtle in the sea,

Take it from us Fruit Pu-uffs
There is nothing to fear
Cos there will always be an earth
When Fruit Puffs are here.

So always remember,
Fruit Puffs are gonna win
And never do forget
To wear your Fruit Puff grin!


Tammy Brierly said...

I wish I had a sister. Yummy! I thought it was a delightful poem Kay! XXOO

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

...and we don't have ANY Fruit Puffs here. :(

McDinzie said...

hmmm...I think you might have been on a fruit puff sugar high when you wrote that poem :-)

Never my favourite lolly, mine was speriment leaves, milk bottles and red glow hearts.....

Mums were/are black balls....need I say more!!!!!!!

djd is rather partial to lolly log but he's not allowed any cause hes on a diet

dinzie said...

I love lollylog with the fruit puffs :O)

You should have seen the glee in McDs face having found them :O)

Black balls ...have i missed something ?? :O)

apprentice said...

Yay, thanks Kay - I've been on a bit of blue spiral too, but you cheered me up. I bet there not as good as midget gems or sport mixture though! You'll have to explore these when you get here!

Becky Willis Motew said...

What a great post and a great message.

Are they marshmallowey? I am more of a chocolate girl most of the time, but I am wearing my Fruit Puff smile right now!!!!!


wendy said...

Yeah.. just what I wanted to know..are they Marshmallow-y?

are they light anfd fluffy?

They look good..I have a sweet tooth...So they look REALLY good!!!!

Catherine said...

I'd say sort of marshmallowey, but firmer. I'm a fruit puff fan too, along with wine gums and of course pineapple lumps (and I love the pineapple lump advertisement)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I *love* it!!
And, a very happy (albeit late) birthday to you!

The puff poem is lovely.

Just wish I could reach through this monitor!!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

I can always admire a woman who writes poems to sweets.

Mama Llama said...


I need to do some serious catch-up, Kay!

And those fruit puffs look divine. Yummy!!!

I'll catch up a bit tomorrow after I catch some rest tonight. I am starting to see double!

Be well.

mareymercy said...

I just love looking at them. I would want to snuggle them instead of eating them.

64BakerSt said...

Mmmmm those look really good! I wish they sold them here! =)

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