Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Spoonbills & Kairos & Being Right Chuffed


is a lovely English adjective meaning - thrilled to bits! And I am real chuffed that Rethabile, a fine African poet, in his post for February 6th, has taken the time to review one of my poems. Thanks Rethabile! You can check out the review, and other things poetical, on his blog, Poefrika.

'Kairos' by Barbara Smith

I have also been doing some reviewing. I have reviewed Barbara Smith's book, 'Kairos'.

You can find that review here - Re Viewpoint.
(This link can also be found on my sidebar under 'My Other Blogs'.)


Spoonbills ...

... are a recent immigrant to our shores here in Otago. They have established a nesting site on the Peninsula, out at the headland where predator control has meant more and more species are selecting this area as a sanctuary for their nesting sites. On walks, I often see these birds feeding at low tide on the inlet.
(Just as I did the other morning when my friend A. and I went for our early morning walk. I went back later with my camera and took the shots posted above.)

Out where I work at the Albatross Colony, these birds can sometimes be spotted flying either out to their feeding sites, or back home again. They have a distinctive distracted kind of flapping action and their very white wings and fluffy crests shining in the sun, are a lovely sight. They flap a little like a heron with their long legs stretched out under their tail, while out front their black, ladle-shaped beaks give them a comical appearance; as if they could be on the hunt for some large soup pot.



Omykiss said...

congrats ... you have every right to be chuffed! Great photos too .....

Mama Llama said...

Oh, Wonderful, Chief! Chuffed, indeed!

The spoonbills look so graceful--so at peace with their world. Makes you want to fly away to experience a bit of Life through their feathered perspective.

Be well, Chief.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I'm chuffed about that review ... but mostly about your poem, which I had not read. It's such a powerful poem! I may have to come back and give you a Roar for Powerful Words Award for writing like that! But for now, I'm here to deliver a slightly different message:

Come on over to Bonnie’s Books (http://bonniesbooks.blogspot.com/2008/02/awards-ceremony-dress-appropriately.html). Dress up because I’m having an awards ceremony complete with gala. And do bring along your acceptance speech, though the producers are asking that each person receiving an award please limit your speech to five minutes ... save your longer comments for your own blog, when you pass along the award(s).

kj said...

hello chief, i am chuffed as always to visit your blog (correct usage?)!

now that i truly know the challenges of publishing i am both proud of and impressed by your success (and of course talent). i hope i follow your example, albeit at a snail's pace....

hope all is well with you

Kay Cooke said...

omykiss - Well, thanking you ... :)

mapi - They do seem peaceful birds. You're right.

bonnie - Thanks for dropping by!And it sounds rather glam and special over at your place - hang on, I'll just grab my tiara and get on over.

Kay Cooke said...

kj - Missed you by accident sorry - thanks so much. All the best with the publishing ... you works o hard you deserve all the success I am sure is coming your way. :)

myrtle beached whale said...

I am chuffed about stumbling onto your blog. Love your poetry and the spoonbills. I will return.

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