Tuesday, 5 February 2008

'I Like Green Spray Paint.'

St Clair, Dunedin. View from upstairs at the Starfish Cafe.
Coffee and carrot cake (verrry yummy indeed) with R&B at the Starfish (yay for Doddsy the owner.) Son M's paintings hang on the wall.

B came home with me and we read a book M wrote and illustrated (here is a link to his on-line site ... and yes it is possible to buy his art from here) three years ago now - while he was at Art School
... an illustration from this crazy book is below. (One day it will get published if I have my way. It is a brilliant little book.)

(two favourite quotes from that book - 'Dusty was floating in mid air thinking about thinking' and 'Then the Ninja, the Spaceman and the Eskimo found a wet mouse' .)

We also had a look at a delightful little book called 'Furry Logic' by Jane Seabrook. (Two of my fav quotes from that - 'If at first you do succeed try not to look too astonished', written beside the illustration of a very astonished looking owl. And 'I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain just to eat roughage!' illustrated with a baby alligator.)
After that we watched The Simpsons and laughed at the same things. B decided her favourite character is Ralphie. I decided mine is Maggie.
Then we had Spag. Bol. for dinner.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

What a coincidence! That's how I spend a lot of my time, floating mid air thinking about thinking!

I LOVE New Zealand. But, wait. Is it chilly enough out for those vests? And I've been thinking (there I go again...) you were Cooke-ing (pardon the pun) in the summer heat!

wendy said...

Is your son's artwork ever for sale??

I love it.

I looked all around your blog, as I have been gone for a bit.

Your home looks just as I would have made it for you.

Ah..The teapot on the table..and looking as if it has always belonged there.

Katherine Dolan said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

Really like the excerpts from M's picture book.

Mama Llama said...

The sunshine and smiles on your photos made me smile, too. Thank you for sharing the sunshine, Chief.

Be well...

Kay Cooke said...

pepek - We do get a chilly nor 'easter wind to bring down the bright sunshine - but do we care?
Nah! We just (as you so rightly observed ..) don our vests!

wendy - I have put a link to his website / flickr site and, yes, he does sell!

Thanks for your compliments on my home - as my Nana's wall plaque said : 'My house is small, No mansion for a millionaire, But there is room for love and there is room for friends, And that's all I care.' :)

katherine - Aren't they great? One day I trust you'll be able to read your own copy of the book itself.

mapi - It was a happy day.

January said...

Your beautiful pictures remind me that our deep freeze will be ending soon, and that summer is just around the corner.

Your family is extremely talented, CB. I'll check out the link next.

Anonymous said...

January is right, your family is very talented. I love your son's paintings.

Avus said...

The Starfish Cafe and the carrot cake - I remember those!

S. Kearney said...

Ahh, the starfish café! Nice post. :-)

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