Monday, 5 November 2007

Wind and Crossed Wires

A cold day here today and I haven't ventured out at all. I just hunkered down and watched out the window as the southerly dressed down a cabbage tree on the other side of our little valley. Over behind a hill with its back to the coast, we are lee-side, where all remains still.

And so My American Sentence for today is ...

Over there, look, the wind is turning trees into a cat o' nine tails.

This wasn't something anyone said, because apart from ABM, I haven't been in contact with anyone today (except the woman who rang the wrong number ... which actually leads me to my other American Sentence ... )

Who am I speaking to? Oh I'm sorry, I've gone and rung the wrong number.


Jan said...

Wrong numbers are a brilliant writing prompt!
HAve done this with my class and get great results...some hilarious, others a bit tragic.
Keep warm and create more lovely words, CB ..

paris parfait said...

Ha! You are funny. But we Americans say "cattails." When I was a little girl, we had a house out in the country and there was a small pond with cattails growing there. xo

Marie said...

What wonderful pictures. You've captured the wind perfectly. I wonder how the albatrosses are doing in this weather? Probably loving it.

Mama Llama said...

I sooooooo love blustery days. They make me feel so free. We are expecting some rain tonight, but I haven't heard that it will be particularly stormy. I like the storms. There is a certain unpredictability...will the power go out? Will the wind howl? Will branches fall down? It is, in so many ways, very romantic, this spontaneity of Mother Nature.

Kay Cooke said...

jan - I think that's a brilliant idea for a subject to write about.

PP - So that's what I've been reading about all this time in Anne of Green Gables, Pollyanna et al. :)

marie - I never seem to be at the Heads when it's windy ... I arrive and it's suddenly still. What is that all about? But yes, you'll be right - the albatrosses would have been having the time of their little lives. All the juveniles would have been showing off. Boy Racers I call them!

mapi - Most people don't like the wind - but like you, I find there's something refreshing about it - as if all our cares are being blown away as well. And storms are dramatic and exciting. (Except for the major disaster-type ones - they're not exactly what I'd call fun.)

Anonymous said...

Hello, who is speaking?
I dunno. You rang me. You tell me.

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