Monday, 12 November 2007

A Sliver of Kiwi!

For those of you curious, about what's gong on with NZ writing, the following sites may be helpful: Lumiere and Leaf Salon

- they are but a tiny sliver of two of the busy hives that make up NZ's writing scene. There's so much more happening than what this represents, but these happen to be two of the few sites that report on such things.

And my kiwi poet today is Bernadette Hall

Bernadette is an awesome poet and a most lovely person. You can read some of her poetry on the above site. Bernadette is one of the first poets to really encourage my own poetry. She won't even remember, but her handwritten note on the bottom of a letter accepting a poem of mine for the Christchurch newspaper's Poetry Corner, gave me a real boost. It was such an encouragement for me, an unpublihed writer at that time. It was about ten years ago now - or more. All the note said was, 'I really like your writing!' That's all. But it meant the world because here was an established poet whose poetry I loved giving my faltering attempts at writing poetry, real credence. I will be forever grateful to Bernadette for just taking a minute to write those five words. But do you know the best thing? The exclamation mark. I LOVE exclamation marks ... and for there to be one at the end of that note of Bernadette's was something to truly savour. !!!! Thank God for exclamation marks!!!


Mama Llama said...

Exclamation indeed! :)

I agree. I love how, in the Spanish language, the writing syntax rules require the usage of inverted interrogative and exlamatory punctuation (¿ and ¡) in order to give the reader, from the onset of the sentence on, the tone the sentence will take. What an efficient use of punctuation! I usually find myself re-reading sentences in English upon discovering that, in fact, it was meant as a question or an exlamation.

Too deep. Time to get the kids to school. Beautiful flowers, too...I do love the colors.

Unknown said...

Wow! That is so cool, I can well understand why her five words gave you such a boost!

Mrs. G. said...

Great post. I wish we could all remember how much of an impact a few encouraging words can have on our fellow humans.

I look forward to checking out Bernadette's writing. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

yes - go the exclamation mark!!! and spread around the praise a bit - sometimes creative types forget to support our fellow emerging and established colleagues as much as we could. speaking of which - you're the cat's pajamas!

Catherine said...

She is a wonderfully encouraging person - she was the tutor on the first course I ever did, and she also edited our poetry group's collection of books.
And she is a very fine poet in her own right. Her latest collection "Ponies" is well worth seeking out

Kay Cooke said...

mapi - That's so interesting. You were born to teach languages! :)

vanilla - Sure did.

mrs g - I hope you enjoy.

rebecca - Ditto!!!

catherine - I must do that. I seem to be on a bit of a run of Canterbury poets!

Endment said...

!I really like your writing!!!

Marie said...

What a rich and varied literary life you have in NZ - and here I was thinking that you only had sheep :)

I am really enjoying reading a whole new range of poetry - ideal for our cold, dark winter nights.

Kay Cooke said...

endment - !Why thank you!

Marie - Baaaa! ;)

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