Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sideswiped by a Canadian

I've got three days off now. I tell you, it didn't feel right today with no albatrosses to look out for. Local Thrush was here again though, singing his 'Jimmy is here' refrain - or that is what it sounds like to me anyway.

It has been a dull, grey, old Sunday here. I have had a quiet day, catching up on reading and a bit of writing. My NaNoWriMo novel-writing is a bit slow, but I'm happy enough with the 2,000 words I have managed to amass so far.

Our cat Aggie.

Plus I have been listening to 'Shine' by Joni Mitchell, who turned 64 on Wednesday.
In my research today, I found out that the the words to Joni's song, 'Bad Dreams', on the Shine cd, is actually a poem by Joni which was printed in the NY Times.

Here is part of it:

Bad Dreams

The cats are in the flower bed
A red hawk rides the sky

I guess I should be happy
Just to be alive ...

But we have poisoned everything

And oblivious to it all

The cell phone zombies babble

Through the shopping malls

While condors fall from Indian skies

Whales beach and die in sand ...

Bad dreams are good

In the great plan.

(Apparently the last lines come from something her three-year old grandson said.)

A lot of the cd's lyrics (protest songs mainly) were written from her British Columbian summer home in Sechelt.

Sea lions in Dunedin's harbour. I think they look a little like wet bears.

So, no kiwi poet today - as I had intended - instead I've been sideswiped by a Canadian.


Mama Llama said...

Beautiful kitty cat, Chief! I love sea lions...they are so graceful for their size. I love to watch them...

Have a lovely break! Enjoy your Sunday!

Endment said...

Sea lions look like some committee members I remember :)
Thanks for sharing the words to "Bad Dreams" I know I would have never figured them out on my own :)

We all need some "quiet" days or we would never be able to write or blog. Cheers to you for your 2,000 words

paris parfait said...

Lovely photos; hope you're enjoying your time off. I must look for the Joni Mitchelle CD. I've been a fan as far back as I can remember.

S. Kearney said...

I bet Aggie is a poet ... if only it were possible to hear it! Nice post ... and I love the pics!

Pip said...

Well, a Canadian is probably about as close to a New Zealander as it's possible to get, philosophically and culturally speaking, if not geographically.

Joni's poem is perfect. It expresses how I'm feeling about this planet as well. I may have to buy the album...

Mrs. G. said...

I think I've mentioned that Joni Mitchell is my diva of choice. I love Shine. My favorite song of all time is Little Green...just so short and sweet and perfect.

Aggie is a doll.

Unknown said...

Love the shot of the cat!
Joni Mitchell is 64?! What's happening to the world? Are we getting older? It seems impossible - I'm sure time is trying to jinx us!

dinzie said...

Me thinks the thrush may be kitties future afternoon snack !!!!!

We have a thrush that sings to McD and I when we walk the dogs by the river each morning ... Always sounds a lonley song to me .....

Rethabile said...

Canadians are good, too, once in a while. And it was a gentle sideswipe. I think that one of the most difficult things to do on earth is write a poem that "explicits" conviction. It's not impossible because it's been done, and I've intimated it before. But it's hard. It's easier to write a song to do the same thing, because you've got the saxophone to help you wail. Toni's poem here is a very good song. I especially like what her grandchild said.

Kay Cooke said...

mapi - Thanks - I have enjoyed BOTH my Monday and Sunday - and still one more day to go. Yay.

endment - Ha I love that! Committee members - yes!
Up to 3,000 now .. :)

pp - She rocks - like Dylan she just keeps going and has had this resurgence of energy in her sixties. I can't wait until I get me some of that sixty resurgence going.

shameless - I believe you're right - she's quiet and reflective enough.

pip - Hi - nice to see you here.Yes I agree about Canadians and NZers. Must be the same gene pool there I think.
Yep, the cd is really all about saving the planet.

mrs g - Little Green is special - I love A Case of you and River and Hejira ...

vanilla - I'm pretty sure she's 64 - maybe i've added a year, but i think 1943 was when she was born ...

dinzie - it's definitely something to worry about, but I think he/she sticks pretty much to the top branches.
The thrush's song is a sharper one than the blackbird's.

rel - Yes I agree it is a song rather than a poem ... but Joni writes very poetical lyrics it has to be said.

Marie said...

What a lovely cat! I always have a soft spot for cats - their temperament suits mine I think.

Enjoy you break and your quiet time - it's so necessary to recharge one's batteries especially with the silly season about to descend on us all.

Kay Cooke said...

Marie - Cats are cool - thanks for the you tube clips by the way.

Carolyn Hietala said...

Wow! Really beautiful photo ;0)
Good job!

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