Thursday, 8 November 2007

Late Starter

Today did not start well. I woke up with a start to find I was horrendously late. And I mean horrendously late. All day I felt like I was out of synch. Playing catch-up with my brain.
However the albatrosses were magic.
I took a group of Brits up to the Fort, but surprise! surprise! they weren't interested in the Watkins range finder at all, and only mildly captivated by the disappearing gun - not after seeing the three albatrosses visible today from the Observational Post.* Note: This is the Fort's OP, as opposed to Observatory which is closed until November 24th.
The albatrosses were displaying (the term for 'showing off' - spreading out their not insubstantial wings, stretching their necks, sky calling, preening each others feathers ...) The tourists were beside themselves with delight. So was I.
I did make an attempt to point out the lighthouse ... made of basalt ... second oldest lighthouse in NZ ... but they couldn't have cared less.
There were the albatrosses; hovering and gliding in full view and generally making good use of the blustery wind conditions.

And good on Shameless! he has awarded me a Shameless Lion's roar. Thank you Shameless. Check out the deal here at the Shameless Lions Writers Circle.

Shameless says : Those people I've given this award to are encouraged to post it on their own blogs; list three things they believe are necessary for good, powerful writing; and then pass the award on to the five blogs they want to honour, who in turn pass it on to five others, etc etc. Let's send a roar through the blogosphere! The image above can be copied and pasted onto other blogs. Also, a small size of the award for sidebars can be found over at the writing circle site.

Now as I am encouraged to Pay it Forward ... which of course is a pleasure ... I am giving a roar out to the following five bloggers:

mapiprincesa! (for wonderful, insightful writing about her children, detailed and fascinating accounts of her experiences in Japan and all the words of different languages she manages to weave into her posts.)
Catherine (for the wonderful report of her trip to Britain and Scotland, her photography, the enviable clarity and love of reason - and of course her poetry.)
pepek (for her indefatigable energy, ability to care deeply about what's really important, and lively sense of humour.)
Mrs G (for her energy, sense of humour, honesty and fascinating mind.)
Paris Parfait - (for beautiful photography, a beautiful mind, Parisian flavour and for her passion.)

And what do I believe makes for good writing? All of the above words coloured-in green.


I will post on another NZ poet tomorrow. I have run out of time for today.


Catherine said...

Thanks chief ... now I have to find five more blogs deserving of the award - I guess I can't send it back to you!
You are making me long for views of albatrosses!

Mama Llama said...

Wow..thank you, Chief.

Nice to see you getting words in a bit before midnight today...JA! ;)

I will think on the lion's roar. I will take that seriously and will apply appropriately.

It was a cold morning, the first below freezing here this season. It is a shocker to the old system!

Be well...but don't be late!

S. Kearney said...

Very nice choices, Mrs Biscuit! :-) And I can just picture those tourists, and you trying to take their attention to other things ... the experiences in your job could make for some lively, fun stories! lol

Mrs. G. said...

Thank you so much...I haven't been given an award since third grade.

I am glad your tourists were happy. I don't know how you could not be delighted by albatross.

paris parfait said...

Oh, I'm so honoured! What an unexpected treat - thank you, Kay! I will follow-up with the duties expected for such an award within the next couple of days. Thanks for the lovely bouquet you've tossed my way! xo

Kay Cooke said...

catherine - You really must come and see the albatrosses one day.

mapi- I am in good time today!

shameless - Yes the inspiration is all there for the writing, there's no doubt about it.

mrs g - True, very true.

pp - My pleasure. :)

Endment said...

You deserve recognition!
Your "word guide" is inspirational just wrote it in my journal for today thanks.

Kay Cooke said...

endment - I'm chuffed that you did that! I hope it inspires some great stuff.

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