Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Fins and Final Stretches

I've hit the home run (or stretch) as far as this NaBloPoMo goes. Some grow mos for Nov. (ask Dinzie! Are you going to post a photo?) but like many others, I have been trying to do a blog post a day through this month.

Only three days to go. And then I will be taking a breather. Have decided I probably won't post through December and January. It's time for a blogging holiday (even if not a proper one, as I will be working at the Albatross Centre through the Christmas break.)

Today I treated myself to a coffee at a cafe in St Clair with this outlook.

And this is the shark bell here at St Clair.

And some more info here.

And here Christine Johnstone, a Dunedin writer, talks about her book 'Shark Bell' which is set in St Clair and features the ... ta-da! ... shark bell of course.

Son M goes surfing on Dunedin beaches. As you can imagine, I often worry about the sharks. However he sees more seals - and sea lions - than sharks. The seals often herd the surfers out of the water. He has seen a shark fin or two however. No wonder I worry.


Catherine said...

I do understand why you plan on taking a blogging break, but strangely, I suddenly seem to have plenty to say now that I don't feel obliged to blog each day (it may not last, of course).
I don't think I'd worry too much as a mother about sharks, my children seem to have found plenty of more likely dangers to give me cause to worry (riding a motor scooter comes high on the list)

kj said...

hi chief, from across the ocean i feel a kinship with you especially when you write about the ocean. i lived in provincetown on the tip of cape cod (massachusetts) and the sea is part of one's life, isn't it? thanks for the fun info on sharks. may i never meet one.

thanks also for your feedback about my book on my blog. i wonder if it's 'good enough'. i begin contacting agents tomorrow.

hope your break is wonderful. look forward to checking in on your return.


Mrs. G. said...

Oh, Chief B., I, too, am taking a break. I will miss you, but you will be back.

As a general rule, I don't descriminate where sharks are concerned...I avoid them all.

Mama Llama said...

I, too, will miss you Chief...but we all need a break from time to time. I will start more memoirs again once Mom leaves tomorrow; I'll have a bit more time back on my hands to put my fingers to the keyboard. I look forward to reading about what your breaktime permits you to do!

paris parfait said...

Oh, sharks make me nervous. Your photos are lovely, particularly the first one. Hope you enjoy your blogging break and your holidays. Am mailing you something. xo

January said...

I'm glad NaBloPoMo is almost over, too. Hope you'll stop by on your break to say hello.

Sharks -- YIKES!

Kay Cooke said...

catherine - I guess I'll be bursting with stuff to write about too, but I will remain strong! (Altho' I plan to read some blogs.) It's just I have plans to do other things with the time (blogging takes up a lot of time.) I want to write and I want to paint my writing room white.

kj - Thanks for your best wishes. Yes I think once sea salt gets into your blood it's there for life.

mrs g - You are so wise ... about breaks and sharks! I will miss you too.

mapi - Thanks I will miss you too . I will check in on those memoirs though!

pp - Thanks, You are very sweet - but we all know that! I am looking forward to the surprise.

january - Thanks. Don't worry, I will pop in to say hello.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I love the beach pictures, and while the shark info is good, it's pretty scary... yikes.

Just can't handle sharks.

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