Friday, 2 November 2007

Like Jesus In The Sky

I've got three minutes to post this and make it before midnight. Which isn't an American sentence but maybe it will do.

The albatross did fly - finally. This afternoon when the sea breeze got up. However it was a little too late for a disgruntled cruise ship passenger or two who didn't get to see any of them flying earlier.
Whenever an albatross appears I think of Linda Ronstadt singing Jackson Browne's song - 'Rock Me On The Water' and the lines
'Theres a sea bird above you
Gliding in one place like Jesus in the sky.'
And G. yells out in his booming Santa-Claus voice, "Albatross flying." And we all turn to look out the window at a sight you never tire of.

I managed to get one photo today - which is something of a triumph, as they are notoriously hard to capture in a photo.

I am now way over my sleep time. We have just got back from a concert - the staff of ABM's school performed various items. A raft of talent. Thoroughly enjoyable. I may tell you more about it tomorrow ...

Meanwhile, I have to get to sleep so I am in fine fettle for tomorrow and more tourists.

Oh, and I was kidding before about the American Sentence. I do have one after all: "Don't even think about saying good morning to me or I'll kick you" - which is actually what I imagined a woman thinking as I passed her on my way to the pick-up place this morning. She really needn't have worried. I'm not a morning person either!


apprentice said...

Good for the albatross, keepimg his best for a quiet time.

Lovely post and the LR lyric fits perfectly. Sleep well missus!

apprentice said...

Good for the albatross, keeping his best for a quiet time.

Lovely post and the LR lyric fits perfectly. Sleep well missus!

wendy said...

Jesus in the sky. Great photo of him.

Linked to you today at mee blog..

Thanks for inspiring me...

Mama Llama said...

Great picture. I would never say that, too much of a morning person I suppose. It takes all kinds. Gorgeous title to match your photo, Chief!

david santos said...


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Catherine said...

I imagine you'll have lots of opportunities for albatross photos, a whole summer ought to be enough to get a few good ones.
I looked for your post last night but I guess I got to bed before you did (not by much though!)

Kay Cooke said...

apprentice - They do that!

wendy - Thanks Wendy ! You are so sweet.

mapi - I wish I could be more of a morning person ... working on it.

david - I wish I knew more about the situation ...

catherine - Yes I will be looking for the perfect shot! I got to bed about 12.20 ... but publ. the post before midnight - whew!

Jan said...

What a time you have CB!
Long may you enjoy life so vividly!
It's infectious, m'dear!

Kay Cooke said...

jan - Nice of you to say so Jan.

Di Mackey said...

Before I flew out to Istanbul, back in 2003, I twice went to the Albatross Colony - to Pilot's Beach below and up to the edge of the cliffs in the carpark and both times I was fortunate and saw an albatross flying.

First time I almost died of pleasure as it flew in great circles around the point where I was standing ... it would head out to sea then come back in.

I was test-driving a new lens on my camera. It has an image stabiliser on, hadn't learnt the fine details of it ... zoomed in, turned on the stabiliser thinking it would give me a sharper image. But it doesn't - it only works on stationary objects so ... I had some beautiful close up photographs that didn't work because my poor lens was trying to stop the 'object' in the sky and you just can't stop the albatross.

And you know, all alone on the cliff, it felt a little like I had seen God. They are stunning creatures, I know you're going to love this new life of yours :)

Kay Cooke said...

Di - What a lovely account - thanks!

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