Saturday, 17 November 2007


Today was Saturday. Working on a Saturday feels strange.

I mean, other people are swimming in the harbour, following a kayak.

shags are conversing

and drying their wings.

and mailboxes are waiting for letters ...

On the way home from work I spotted Mother Duck again - if it is the same one that I saw yesterday, I am sad to report she's lost three ducklings. (Which doesn't particularly surprise me, as yesterday I noticed a black-backed gull nearby, and they are known to be rather fond of baby ducklings ...)

At work today I had the experience of having my talk about the albatrosses interpreted for an audience who came from Hong Kong.
And that experience is where my American Sentence for today was hatched.

The interpreter listened to what I said, and then said what she liked.


Mrs. G. said...

I am not happy about those ducklings...nature, she can be a real b*tch. Are shags comorants?

rel said...

You mean: "She likes birds and water and maybe working on Saturday."

Anil P said...

I just hope almighty gives those ducklings a foul-tasting coat so that predators leave them alone.

Watching ducklings paddle out to sea behind their mum is a heartwarming sight, always :)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Neither am I happy about the gull and the ducklings...but I absolutely LOVE the pictures and accompanying narration! Great posts!

My Saturdays: every Saturday I go with a friend to lunch and to a movie! We'd love to have you come along....

wendy said...

that's a great american sentence.

Kay Cooke said...

mrs g - It's a cruel life sometimes. Yes, shags are a type of cormorant.

rel - I think that's a pretty good interpretation :)

anil p - Now that's a great idea about foul tasting feathers ... I agree with you about the heartwarming sight.

pepek - I'd rather enjoy a coffee and a movie on a Saturday. I might have to make that a Monday Movie tho'!

wendy - Thanks - they're fun. It's like summing up your day in a sentence sometimes.

Marie said...

I love those shags - they are such interesting birds to watch. I don't know about NZ, but here in Sweden they are pretty much loathed and at one stage they were completely wiped out by concerted hunting. Only now are they making some kind of comeback, though a lot of fishermen still go around (quite illegally) and break their eggs on the nesting colonies.

So sad about the ducklings.

S. Kearney said...

Lovely pics!

Kay Cooke said...

marie - The shags aren't loathed here as far as I know ... There are a few species and they nest near the Albatross colony. The ones in the photo are called Little Shags. (The name always makes me smile!!!)

Kay Cooke said...

shameless - Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

this is verye nice photo

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