Sunday, 18 November 2007

Favourite Things

Apologies to mrs g for not getting around to this until now.
Some of my favourites ...
books - not a fan of novels so much as chronicles, diaries, bios, short stories and of course poetry.
birds - If I believed in reincarnation (which I don’t) I’d come back as an albatross, but on one condition; as one of the Northern Royals at Taiaroa Head - they get looked after so well.
Orepuki - The town where I was brought up.
sea - The ocean places me, calms me and inspires me.
afternoon naps - ‘Nana naps’; a deep, 2-hour sleep during the day is a great anesthetic. I just wish workplaces would provide!
firesides - Nothing like a fireside ...
rain and wild weather - Orepuki, where I was brought up, is near the Roaring Forties. Consequently, I have happy, primal memories of rain and wind and wild weather.
dvds - What a great invention. Who needs to go out?
hot baths - Mmmm ... with bubbles ... chocolate, candles, wine, a book ....
frosty mornings - There’s something fresh, invigorating, clear and clean about an icy, frosty morning.
autumn - The glory of summer saying good-bye; the dying, the slowing down, the mild warmth and the soft light.
babies - And now, if they’re crabby or smelly, I can just hand them back!

Cilla McQueen is an established New Zealand poet. She has published ten books of poetry. Recently she has moved down to Bluff, Southland, at the bottom of the South Island, New Zealand. Here she writes about her environment of sea and light, harbour and hills and of her relationship with her new-found home, the town of Bluff and its people. An artist as well as a poet, Cilla has included drawings in some of her poetry books.
Cilla McQueen is an expert at capturing a moment. She is a poet of place, so wherever she is, she becomes part of that place; a resident, with a resident’s perspective. An expert wordsmith, her sense of the moi juste is her special gift. I adore her work. My favourite book of poetry is her ‘Berlin Diary’ written while she was on a writing assignment in Berlin, Germany. Here her natural bent towards a sense of place has been shaken and stirred somewhat, but she still manages to evoke the feeling of being ‘here’ as a foreigner, feeling a little lost, a little homesick, a little disoriented. We are introduced to other writers from other countries, but subtly and naturally. Because above all else, Cilla is a natural: a natural writer, observer and chronicler.
I love Cilla’s work. All I want for her now is to be made our next Poet Laureate. No-one deserves it more.



Mrs. G. said...

I like everything on your list though I have never considered being an albatross in my second life...I'm going to think on this one. I'm with you on the dvd...I enjoy the option of watching a movie in my pajamas with a glass of wine.

Don't apologize for being mission was to spread the word about my favorite blogs and you and your ducklings were here.

Have a wonderful Sunday...or in your case Monday.

Mama Llama said...

What a nice summary of pleasures, Chief! I hope you have a wonderful week!

S. Kearney said...

Nice list CB. Hear hear, re McQueen. I remember loving her piece about "10 to 5", which I related to at the time. I remember it starts quite simply, almost badly, and then tangles into a profound piece.

kj said...

chief, we would be fine vacation-mates, we two. you obviously gravitate to most of the sweetest things...


January said...

Loved your list, especially the afternoon nap. Wish I could take more of those!

And thanks for writing about Cilla McQueen. I'm going to check out her work now.

dinzie said...

Ah - a trip to Orepuke :O) In the summer only though :O)

Shame there are not enough holiday allocations at work :O/

Kay Cooke said...

mrs g - Thanks - I did have a relatively good day.

mapi - Thanks - I will endeavour to.

shameless - Yes, she's a very clever writer.

kj - A holiday doing all those things sounds like a very pleasant thing to do. Dreams are free!

january - Mmmm LOVE those afternoon naps!

dinzie - I'll have to make a trip there one weekend soon - I can feel Orepuki withdrawal symptoms coming on!

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