Sunday, 4 November 2007

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Just to acknowledge my sources; the American Sentences that I have been employing were first brought to my attention by Ceridwen of read.write.poem. (See sidebar for link.) A great site for the celebration of poetry - poetry that's already made as well as poetry that's in the making.

This is Saturday's post but as it after midnight as I write this, I will be posting another post before Sunday is over.

This morning was a workday for me, even though for others it was a Saturday morning and a day to do your own thing, whatever that is ... swimming up the harbour for example?

But that's okay, I get the next three days off.


Near to the Albatross Centre is a cliff where it's possible to see up close, Spotted Shags nesting on elaborate basket-weave type nests.

I saw a change-over where one of the breeding pairs came back from feeding out at sea to take its turn to incubate the eggs. They were cute the way they dipped their heads to each other and exchanged bows.

Like kettles on a kitchen shelf, they sit and preen their feathers, or doze. They don't appear to communicate with their neighbours at all.

Meanwhile way down below, skirts of kelp swirl.

My American Sentence for today: What are the chances of seeing any albatross flying today? (spoken with a hopeful tone in an American accent.)


pundy said...

The reference to swimming in the harbour intrigued me. Last year my eldest son swam the Auckland Harbour Crossing and this year he plans to do it again.

His wife is expecting a baby in June so hopefully we'll be back in NZ again for a month or so around that time. Wonderful country, a bit like Scotland (where I live) on steroids.

Mrs. G. said...

Chief Biscuit, do you take your own photographs? Because they are amazing. I love the one of the sea kelp in looks as if it's waltzineg. I feel like I take a mini-vacation everytime I drop by.

Mama Llama said...

Yes...I'm getting a kick out of your "American Phrases" insets. Today's is one that I would use. What are the chances indeed?! I second mrs.g's sentiments on your photos. Just beautiful. Thank you for writing each day. It's a good habit for you...! ;)

Becky Willis Motew said...

Is plural of albatross albatrosses? Albatri? I don't think I've ever heard an American Sentence with one in it. We're fresh out of albatrae....albatini...
Great photos, CB. Really beautiful.


Cyn Bagley said...

hey, I could say that sentence well... and hopefully LOL

I love the pictures and you make me laugh.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Exsqueeze me? Yours rocks me!

You are doing Nano again? This looks like a great, fun place to work! Beautiful!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

PS How do you put up all those cool side bar thingys?

Vid Digger said...

Your American sentence came out perfectly, chiefbiscuit, and the accent!


Love the pics!

dinzie said...

Those Cormorants have no interest in the scenic View !!

Cool shots :O)

McDinzie said...

time to touch base with you :) Have been browsing our blog now and then...I love your description...writer and tourist guide....sounds like an american phrase!!!

Kay Cooke said...

pundy - I love that description of NZ! I can see what you mean too.

mrs g. - I do take the photos - thanks to my 'kid sister' who gave me her digital Canon camera when she got a new one.

mapi - Thanks!

becky - Believe it or not it's albatrosses - and the collective noun is nothing as exciting as a 'murder of crows' - it's simply a 'colony. (Or sometimes 'freight' which I suppose is semi-interesting at least ... )

cyn - Thanks! Glad to have constructed the sentence so that it fit (or as we say, fitted.) ;)

pepek - Yep doing NaNo but not very successfully - I'm not going to bust my boiler about it.

re sidebar thingees - we have a Mac and so I can just click the mouse over the image and lift it off on to the desktop.

vid digger - thanks - love your site! I sang along to Bread for the first time for a while ... ;)

dinzie - I know! They make me laugh.

mcd - Ha Ha! Hope you're impressed
lil sis.

wendy said...

swimming up the harbour? not any time soon, I think..but I have been up a creek without a paddle...
many times..I think that counts!

Marie said...

Like kettles on a kitchen shelf - and don't they just look exactly like that! How lucky you are to have such a colony nearby. I am so delighted by your pictures and your vivid descriptions. I feel like packing my bags and flying to New Zealand tight away.

Kay Cooke said...

Wendy - Moi aussi; I too have been utcwap - but have never swum up (or down for that matter) the harbour in my life. And don't intend to either.

Marie - You'd love it over here. But Sweden's the next best thing!

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