Tuesday, 20 November 2007

21 Degrees

Another corker today.

A GOOD day to have off work.

A day to meet up with friends for a coffee.

A day for flora of all kinds to open right up

to the sun, the light and sky.

I have decided I have gone as far as I want to go with the NaNoWriMo. It's turned into 5,000-word short story.

I enjoyed some more Amy Clampitt poetry today. She was an astounding poet.



dinzie said...

Finally some great weather ,, Poor Mcd and me having spent all weekend planting out the borders are now faced with watering them daily while they get their roots established .... Can't water in the evening as thats an invite to the snails and slugs ..can't put any killer down because of fat beagle and equally stupid bitsa ...And on it goes :O)

Mrs. G. said...

I keep meaning to ask you what a corker is. I do not know this expression. Your weather could not be in sharper contrast to my own--grey and rain, rain, rain.

Amy Clampitt and Sharon Olds and Mary Olive are my favorite poets...and Miller Williams. There are so many.

Mama Llama said...

Wonderful photos, more Spring color to fill my autumnal days...thank you, thank you!

apprentice said...

Aw ssshhh! It's about as light as a pole dancer's armpit around here, lol!

Endment said...

Really looks like a wonderful day
A touch of spring is so welcome when the gray rain is falling outside my window

S. Kearney said...

Well done on the short story ... good to know when to stop! :-) Will we get to read it?

S. Kearney said...

Oh, and a corker is a cracker, something brilliant, something festive, maybe it comes from the cork coming out of a bottle? :-)
Love you pics here too, CB. I expect your sun means our grey sky! :-)

Becky Willis Motew said...

Those bright magenta flowers make me remember spring, CB. It seems very far away now.

Your eye is so talented...wonderful photos. It's rivaling your ear for poetry.


Carmen said...

glad to see you are still writing! Thanks for visiting my blog while I was under!

Kay Cooke said...

Dinzie - You'll have to keep up that watering for a few days methinks. Should look good come summer - can't wait to see the photos.

mrs g - 'Corker' is as Shameless says below - he's a kiwi too so he knows. My mother's generation uses it more ... it means fantastic, tops ... A 'corker day' cannot be beaten. And we had another today (Wednesday ) too.

mapi - My pleasure.

apprentice - Ha!

endment - I know what it's like when the tables are turned .. so I know exactly what you mean! :)

shameless - I think I might try the short story out with a magazine or two first - might post it here eventually tho'. Still not too sure of the publishing on the internet, whether it limits chances of getting it accepted anywhere else.

becky - My eye and ear thank you!

camille - Hi ya! Thanks for dropping me a note.

Marie said...

The sight of those trees brought a lump to my throat - how magnificent they are and it's so surprising that the early British settlers to Australia and NZ thought they were ugly.

Enjoy your beautiful sunshine - it's so good to actually be off work on such a day.

Kay Cooke said...

marie - I have to admit I was hoping it would bring a tear to your eye when I posted it! Aren't I mean?

64BakerSt said...

I love your photos!! The purple ice plant is so pretty. I think we had some of that a long time ago, but it was never as brilliant!

Eucalyptus trees are a common import here (not just in the arboretum). They are one of the few trees that can grow to a decent size in our hot dry climate.

Kay Cooke said...

64 B - it's interesting the locale of plants and trees ... I do want to come visit your part of the planet sometime before I die ... it has featured in different movies I've liked and has always intrigued me.

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