Monday, 6 August 2007

Wondering ...

I have been writing a little bit of poetry lately. This is gratifying, because for some time now it has been a struggle to do so.

I think since the launch of 'made for weather',

the 'third book' in me has begun to stir. Dusty and flyaway-dry as tiny carrot seeds, the poems need sowing into tidy rows, and watered.


Son C has just been offered a job on the West Coast. Think green ferns and rain.

Think spectacular views of mountains and forest. (Above is a photo he took when working near there last year.)

Although it will be sad if he accepts the job and leaves home once again, it is good that he will have a permanent job. (It also means I need to get a hurry on and finish the jersey I am knitting him.)

I no longer need to walk part of the way to work now that I have got my car back from M&K. I miss the walks. Maybe I can go for an early morning walk before breakfast. Oh but these cold mornings! It is so hard to drag one's body from a warm bed and brave the frosty dew. The damp mist. And there have been rumours of snow on the higher hills. That means a thin, bitter wind trawling the streets tomorrow. Will the temptation to roll over and allow sleep to hold me a little longer prove too much?


Usually I look sideways at Spring's imminent arrival with its insistent new growth and rampant sap. Too much to clear and trim. But this year, after a harsher winter than usual, I find I am looking at the kowhai outside our kitchen window

with more anticipation than usual. I imagine the golden, bell-like flowers among the green leaves, and fallen ones lying on the lawn below, mashed by the lawn-mower; the smell of freshly cut grass lingering in the doorway ...



carole said...

'Dusty and flyaway-dry as tiny carrot seeds, the poems need sowing into tidy rows, and watered'. This sounds like a poem. Good to know that even 'seasoned' poets have dry times. I love the cover on your new collection.

dinzie said...

Here's to spring .....:O}

Hiowever I have to say we have a kowhai in flower in the garden .....

Catherine said...

I know that warm bed feeling - I seem to be forgoing the walk to work more and more these days, for the pleasure of half an hour longer in bed. I'm sad that we will miss the best of spring this year, so it's good to see that there are a few signs already.

paris parfait said...

I'm glad you're already embarking on more poetry for the next book! The cover of your latest one is very clever - and I'm looking forward to reading your latest collection of poems.

apprentice said...

I can't believe how quickly your winter has gone in.

I like the colour of the jumper and your idea of poetry seeds. Don't let the carrot root fly get them though ;)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Glad to hear the seeds of a new book are stirring...along with the spring. I agree, it seems your winter was very short (probably did not seem short to you).

Staying an extra few minutes in a warm bed gets my vote!

Jan said...

You share lots of lovely recognisable thoughts and feelings...we appreciate it, CB.

rel said...

I enjoy winter when it comes, but of all the seasons, it grows tiresome the most quickly. With spring comes hope, summer a more leisurely pace. My favorite, autumn "leaves" too soon.

Becky Willis Motew said...

I just pre-ordered your book from Amazon and I am totally psyched!!! It says October delivery, though, which is a bummer.
Glad the launch went well. You look fab, darling.


Kay Cooke said...

carole - Oh yes ... dry time s... writer's block - call it what you will - it happens.

dinzie - 'Course I'm jealous!

catherine - No doubt you'll appreciate Spring '08 even more!

pp - Thanks so much - yes it feels good to have the poetry wheels a-turning once more.

apprentice - Hmmm - a good point - thanks for the warning!

rel - Yes those extra moments in a warm bed are just too tantalising on cold mornings.

jan- You're sweet to say.

rel - Very nicely put!

becky - Wow - thanks! I'm sorry you've got such a long time to wait. Hope it's worth it.(I felt fab dahling! ;) )

Di Mackey said...

Lol, it's an unconscious protection, my staying away (that and the fact I've been terribly busy of late) but I recognise precisely what you describe in your posts and homesickness kicks into top gear.

I do love coming here. Thanks for sharing with this homesick kiwi.

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