Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Got The Pip

'Made for weather' is making a small impact, which is comforting to see. A great review by Iain Sharp in the 'Sunday Star Times'. A workmate cut out and brought another review which was in Mosgiel's community newspaper.

The dinner on Saturday night was fun. We chatted volubly on subjects dear to the hearts of all who suddenly find themselves on the middle-aged side of young. ABM was mortified when he spilt some red wine on the carpet, and only made worse when I tried to dab it up with a red serviette - silly me. I rang them tonight to see if they had to re-carpet the whole house. P said we really mustn't fret, some stuff she found in the cupboard 'took it right out.' Whew!

The week is almost over. I got six dvds from the library to watch before Thursday night. Why did I do that? 'Blade Runner' is one of them. Harrison Ford when he was desirable.

My daughter and her family were around for a meal last night. She asked what was my fav. Star Wars character. I said R2 D2 - which was apparently the same answer as my granddaughter's. Dunno if this is good or bad. When I asked my daughter what her favourite character was, she said, "Darth Vader of course." (She favours the dark side.) "She tries to anyway," her partner K teased.

I am reading the book, 'Mr Pip' by Lloyd Jones. This book has been doing well in the awards stakes, and selling well overseas (a benchmark to some degree.) Jones is a natural writer and enjoyable to read. The first adjective that comes to mind is 'smooth'. No rough edges or jarring moments. And with the odd surprise of a brilliant description.

The second poetry reading at the Circadian Rhythm is on tonight. I have opted not to go. It's been a rough week at work and tonight I just want to chill out. I don't know when this job of mine will turn a corner and become enjoyable. I keep waiting! Hoping for a miracle. It is probably the most un-enjoyable job I have ever done. I am applying flat-out for another. 'nuff said.



carole said...

The texture of pansies looks good enough to touch. I watched 'Blade Runner' recently. Despite Harrison Ford, who I used to fancy too, I was disappointed. This is probably because I read the book 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep?' as part of my course. The film leaves out a lot of the more interesting ideas.

Avus said...

I always rather fancied the female android he gets off with, myself!
The final speech by the male android, sitting in the rain on the ledge, still sends shivers down my spine.
Nice piccy of a late '30s Austin 10

Tammy Brierly said...

I'm sorry the job is sucking you dry. HUGS

I heard white wine will blot out red?

I like Harrison Ford young and old. ;)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Hurrah! I just got an email saying they are sending my copy of "Weather." (Even before the end of September).

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

PS That's jobs for ya!

I just bought Middlesex. Have not started to read it yet tho'.

And, Harrison Ford is still desirable. Sort of. Mel Gibson is only slightly less desirable since his run-in with the law...I could probably tolerate him as long as he kept his mouth shut. (It's his smile, and his crinkley blue eyes).

apprentice said...

Sorry about the job, touh doing something that isn't rewarding.
Nice series of pictures, love the succulents.

I'll look out for Mr Pip, thanks for the tip.

Catherine said...

I just got an e-mail from the library to say that they have "Mr Pip" waiting for me. So now I have to read in in a week, in between working, packing and all the other last minute things. Last I checked I was seventh on the waiting list and thought I wouldn't get to the top till after we get back. I forgot to allow for multiple copies, of course

Kay Cooke said...

apprentice - 'Mr Pip' is one of the Man Booker nominations. I haven't finished it yet - fine writing though.

catherine - No doubt you'll have it finished before I do - I'm on a bit of a go-slow - not on purpose; just my mood.

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