Sunday, 12 August 2007

Call Home

How exciting - just Skyped S in Kyoto!

Shame he couldn't get his camera to work - shame I could! So he had pictures of me looking dorky (as these cameras seem to do) but I couldn't share the same advantage. E was there too. It was good to hear them both; E's chortle sounded like a wind-chime. They had just climbed a mountain, so were a little tired. (As you are after climbing a mountain.)

It is after midnight here and I should be off to bed, but have decided to write another entry. (A short one.)


Today I pottered about the backyard and took some photos of a tired, scruffy winter garden. I am thinking it is time to ring our Mr Green and get him to start mowing our lawns once again after the winter lull.

Mr Pig agrees. He doesn't look very happy does he? But then I don't suppose I would be either if the tops of my ears were knocked off and I'd spent all winter suffering the frosts out under a tree.


This was the outlook towards Mount Cargill from our house today. The wind was a little blustery, the clouds billowing and dramatic. Later the sun did shine, but in the end the clouds proved that they were indeed rain-filled ones.


Blue Happy Hen is a gift from my friend P. The Happy Hen factory is located on the Otago Peninsula, not far from here. My Happy Hen likes to sit by my desk. She is not my muse but maybe she should be.


Cyn Bagley said...

I like your new look :-)

Catherine said...

I love Happy Hens, though I don't have one as they are a little pricey. But I do have a fine collection of Happy Hens coffee mugs. Since I am a Poetry Chook, they are my muse :)

Kay Cooke said...

Cyn - Ta!

catherine - They have a certain appeal don't they?

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