Monday, 4 June 2007

Where I Go All Existential On You

Helen Bar-Lev, co-author of the book 'Cyclamens and Swords'

has been in touch with me and given me her website and email address should anyone wish to buy a copy. The art and poetry in the book simply and truthfully paint a picture of what it is like to live an everyday life in 21st century Israel. I wrote about it in a previous post and can recommend it as an informative and enjoyable read. Helen's website is here. And her email is:


You could be forgiven for thinking the photo below is taken somewhere on a sweltering hot day in Australia. However, the actual air temperature when I took it, would be sure to give the truth away. It is in fact a neighbour's eucalyptus tree here in the South Island's cooler southern climes. I managed to capture it just as the sinking sun was smothering it in light.

Make you think of a golden summer day? Ha! That just shows you how the camera can lie. I was about to pull the curtains and light the fire.

This is last night's sky's effort at a sunset. I kept taking photos as the colours deepened. Taking photos of sunsets can become a little addictive.
I have my suspicions though, that having seen one sunset, you've really seen them all ... after all, aren't all sunsets similar? So what makes us gasp anew when we see yet another?

Does watching a new sunset makes us forget all the others? Just how much reality can we retain? And then, as the science fiction writer Phillip K Dick used to say, what is real anyway?



Kamsin said...

Gorgeous sunset! Sunsets never do tire, do they? Perhaps it's just that we forget to notice them some nights, and I guess they aren't spectacular every night. So maybe we do kind of forget how spectacular they are until the next one comes along. Poor memories, or something. I remember reading that a really high proportion of Japanese kids had never seen a sunset (or was it sunrise, the point is still the same, I guess). All those skyscrapers and endless buildings must block them out.

Katherine Dolan said...

Wonderful sky shots, Chief! Makes me feel nostalgia for those freezing-cold-yet-blushing evenings.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Beautiful pictures, Chief. Our temperature is falling tonight--yesterday it was 92, tomorrow it will be 47 and rainy. The wind has been blowing hard all day. they said 4-10 inches of SNOW in the mountains...and here it is SUMMER! What crazy weather!

Catherine said...

Actually, the golden light on that tree makes me think of winter. One of the pleasures of driving on a winter afternoon is the way the sun lights up the branches of the trees. I think it's something to do with the low angle of the sun.
I have a new job that I am walking to twice a week, and I walk home at sunset which was spectacular last night. Tomorrow I'll take my camera (so probably there won't be much of a sunset - Murphy's law).
There are cherry trees blossoming in Hagley Park. Very strange.

Unknown said...

I am lucky enough to be able to watch the sun sink into the sea every day. On some days you can almost hear the hiss!

Avus said...

Sunsets are numinescent. I think they bring out the primeval wonder in us (just as sunrise does) It is easy to understand how many ancient civilisations worshipped the sun - giver of life (literally).

Becky Willis Motew said...

The Addictive Sunset by Chief Biscuit....always looking for titles, I seem to be.

Sunsets, like the ocean, are profound. They remind us of what--eternity? Geez, I don't know, but you capture them well.


rel said...

I was checking the local weather the other day and there was a click on where you could go to view photos of the place whose weather you were checking. I went there and there were 100 + photos of the area where I live. The overwhelmingly most photographed image submitted was of sunsets. I've taken 1000's my self. So , to answer yor query; Yes all sunsets are similar. Yes they are addictive. It's like a favorite poem...we never tire of rereading.
I'm still intrigued at the phenomenum of us living opposite seasons at the same time. We get to enjoy each season twice in a year...our own and through the eyes of a friend.
What's real? Whatever we believe is real. Sometimes it doesn't matter if we are the only believer! ;-)
P.S. I joined the pride of Lions.

paris parfait said...

Such gorgeous photos! And I think we keep the best memories in our unconscious, to be summoned as needed. Having one good memory/experience doesn't preclude others. My view is that we have untapped potential to embrace and enjoy new experiences, if we stop wasting energy worrying over small things that won't matter tomorrow.

Jan said...

When in Thailand last summer, we watched the loveliest sunsets on the beach as the day faded; Im afraid we couldnt do the sight justice with our cameras but you appear pretty successful.
AND Lucky Minx, able to watch Cornish sunsets every day!
I see the Welsh Hills from my neck of the woods and sometimes their sunsets ARE out of this world...

Cyn Bagley said...

Lovely pics. I prefer sunrises to sunsets, but they are both beautiful... Cyn

herhimnbryn said...

Each sunset is it's own gem.

apprentice said...

The shorter days certainly produce some stunning sunsets.

Any sun would be welcome, we've been living under a flat gray sky, heavy with rain and thunder, for days now.

I love gum trees, some do well here too, but mostly the ones from the Aussie mountain areas.

Kay Cooke said...

kams - :) Thanks. That puts things into perspective for me!

katherine - yep - that's just it!

pepek - Crazy all right!

catherine - I love walking to work; esp. when you can spot wonderful stuff to photograph.

minx - Sounds idyllic - love that description!

avus - You're right. Love that word 'numinescent'.

Kay Cooke said...

becky - That sounds almost deep Becks!

rel - Welcome to the pride!
You are lucky to live beside a river. So would you agree that every sunset is also a beginning, sort of ... somehow ...?

pp - What a great philosophy.

jan - They are kinda wondrous aren't they?

cyn - So you are a morning person. :)

herhimbryn - Nicely put!

Apprentice - I hope the grey lifts soon ... I love gum trees too. :)

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