Sunday, 17 June 2007

Far and Near

There has to be a good reason for me to leave the fireside and venture out these winter evenings.


However, overseas travel could give me reason enough. At the moment our part of the globe is (as Apprentice said to me in a comment) 'at the back of the Austrian clock'; when it is light and sunny on the other side, it is dark and dour ( & vice versa, ad infinitum) for us in the Antipodes. At the moment we only get a glimpse of the sun as we roll past it each day, and so it is very easy to yearn to be where the sun shows its face for longer.
ABM and I do have definite plans to travel. It is a matter of being patient and earning the money to make it possible. We plan to, in 2010, visit family in Australia, and then travel on to the UK, Ireland and possibly some of Europe. First priority though, is to visit Son S in Japan next year. He has started a blog called Mountain to Sea and what he describes there, added to what he has already told us in person, is certainly making me even more keen to get there. (At the risk of sounding biased, I highly recommend his blog for its impressions of Japan.)
A blog that I've revisited again after a spell of forgetting to 'look in', is Anil P's blog, 'Windy Skies'. He is passionate about his country India and writes about his travels there with patient gentleness and considerable craft.


Winter has driven ABM and I to the shops to buy a warmer duvet. Something we should've done months ago. Now that I have a full-time job, I may not be writing or blogging as much, but at least I now have money to buy things we have long needed.
However, shopping is not something either of us enter into joyfully. Maybe it is because we both have Scottish blood and are loath to part with our money. But I think it is more to do with the fact that we are introverts and find the interest shop assistants give us intrusive, annoying and highly distracting. Well, I do anyway. ABM is probably too nice-natured to feel quite the same way. Plus he does like to gather information about a product. This combination of niceness and the need for info. draws shop assistants to him like bees to honey. I just want to be left alone to take my time to decide for myself without a shop assistant rabbiting on and applying pressure. Questions and remarks such as, "Is it a cold place you are living in?" "What bedding do you have at present?" "You might find that with two bodies in a bed, you are better to have a King-Sized duvet, so that the sides don't pull up" are far too personal. I am a private person. (She says, blogging away to her heart's content!)
Poor wee T at 'Beds R Us' did her best. But she should've just stopped her sales pitch a full ten minutes before she did. And she should've read my very obvious body-language waaaay before she did. ABM's niceness didn't help of course. She was getting mixed signals poor girl. Wasn't she instructed in her training sessions to 'Always take the cue from the female?' It's always the female who will make the ultimate choice.
Anyway, T didn't get the sale, another shop did - one where we were free to look around on our own without 'assistance'.
We came home very pleased with ourselves and our purchase, and it was with great joy that we stored away all the now un-needed extra blankets, along with the thin summer-weight duvet.
Next on my shopping list is towels. Do you find towels are a little like ballpoint pens? They just keep going missing? Of course having sons coming and going, and each time they go taking a towel or two with them - which never come back - doesn't help.

Yesterday too, I spent the day in town shopping. This is unheard of for me. A whole weekend shopping. It's kind of scary. It has been a loooong time since I've done that. I bought three warm scarves (for some reason I never think I've got enough scarves) - orange, blue and yellow - a couple of bead-necklaces and three poetry books. One with Emily Dickinson's poems in it, Cilla McQueen's 'Firepenny' and 'Dragon Cafe' by Peter Olds.
I also bought myself a pair of dark-coloured jeans. Dark-coloured jeans rather than blue was niece SB's suggestion a few months back. And I believe a niece's advice is worth following. When I had to go back to the rack and fetch a smaller size than what I usually wear, I realised my cunning eating plan must be working. I may soon have to change my blogger name to Chiefwafer. (I wish!)



rel said...

Congrats on dropping a jeans size!
I too, dislike shop keepers who insist on assisting me find just the perfect purchase. I'm just as likely to exit the storein mis sentence. I usually know exactly what I want before I go and if I must I will ask for help.

Kamsin said...

In the UK most shop assistants leave you alone, it can in fact be a challenge to get someone's attention when you actually need help. But I agree, I really don't like shop assistants who insist on bothering you.
Am enjoying your son's blog, btw!

Cyn Bagley said...

I love to shop when there are NO shopgirls trying to talk to me. JC Penney's does it the best. But BEST BUY (for electronic goodies) is horrible. We couldn't go one foot without one of them (male and/or female) bothering us. LEAVE ME ALONE.

I buy less in stores like that...

Anonymous said...

YEAH CB! On both the dark jeans and the smaller size! You make winter sound so cozy! I haaaaate people trying to sell me things, but I find that the one out of 99 times I *need* info, they are off doing something else, not interested. ?

Towels seem to multiply in our house. Not sure why, we've never bought any in 7 years and I am the only one who uses the 'good' ones - DH likes his 3 old rough ones.

Unknown said...

So cosy - I love my duvet! and lucky you dropping a jean size. I buy hipsters so that my belly can expand and contract all it wants... just have to find t-shirts that don't show the expansion gap!

I'm tagging you for the 'eight random facts' meme, which I reckon you may have done before, but hey...! Come and look.

Becky Willis Motew said...

I turn into a troll in stores. I hate people looking at my purchases or making any comments on them.

You are becoming oh so svelte, CB. Bet you are looking forward to your travels.


Rethabile said...

This summer (in Europe where I live) I'm going home to Lesotho (where it is winter). My son has already complained that he'll have three winters in a row and no summer!

Enjoyed the post. I think all of us have one thing that we can just keep buying, even when we already have one. Mine is sun glasses. I have several pairs but when I walk into a shop they're the first thing I head toward.

Kay Cooke said...

rel - Exactly what I mean!

kamsin - Glad you are enjoying kumonkey''s blog.

cyn - Yes! I agree.

cailleach - Okey dokey.

maya - I'd love to know your towel-multiplying secret.

becky - Svelte ?? ... I wish! Yes looking forwrd sooo much to travelling - a ways to go yet though, before we actually leave on a jet plane.

rethabile - Thanks - sunglasses are something i am forever losing (and umbrellas) so i don't bother buying them.

Catherine said...

I wish my extra earnings could be saved for a trip. Just now though, we need it for living costs until we know what P can earn (he is doing contract work from home at the moment). At least I have no time to shop, so less temptation :)

January said...

I keep forgetting that it's cold where you are. As you know it's summer in the U.S.

Congrats on dropping a jean size--that's teriffic!

Jan said...

So, CB, when you come to UK in 2010, I shall recognise you.... in your dark jeans and orange scarf and one bead ( or possibly 3) bead necklaces...
And congratulations on the weight loss, m'dear!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Ah, Chief! It was 115 degrees yesterday in Las Vegas on our way back home.

WHat are you eating? (Or, not eating?)...You don't look like you need to drop any pounds...or stones, or whatever it is on your side of the planet!

Anonymous said...

The Chief of Biscuits in the UK again! Excellent stuff. I hope we meet.

I agree completely about too much attention in shops. I become immediately suspicious and withdraw.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I hate shopping. I don't like obnoxious noises (such as the beeping of registers and the scratchy overhead intercom asking Roy to please get back to his register)... I can't stand lines, mothers fighting with their tired and impatient children. I do not like being bombarded and overwhelmed with ads for different products, walking down the aisle with a thousand items vying for my attention and screaming at me to buy them...

toooooo much. way too much.
God bless delivery.

Good post, I quite enjoyed it.

I wish you many sunny days in the very near future, and PLEASE post several stories and photos from Japan when you get there, if it's before I get there.
Meanwhile, I will go look at the boys' blog.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

apprentice said...

Your son writes well, and we know where he got that from.

Congrats on the jeans. Look us up when you get to Scotland, though 2010 is a bit of a way away.

I'd love to see Japan. A friend is there now for three weeks.

I'll go and ready Windy City now.

Anil P said...

Thanks for your kind words about my blog.

wendy said...

There are smaller sizes in jeans?? Who knew...Glad to pop in for a quick visit..Just one more day of school and I'm done!!Then I can be more chatty!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Wafer, ren.kat invited me to play this--I'd love to hear your confessions, if you want to play. See my blog for details.

Tammy Brierly said...

CB, Congrats on having that extra money to be warm and toasty. I'll miss your posting frequency. I love when you travel and bring back your journey in photos. I'll check out those links. XXX

Kay Cooke said...

catherine - Finances schminances! Good luck for you & P. You are so right about no time to shop saving money :)

january - Thanks - enjoy your summery summertime! For us, January is our summer! ;)

jan - You'll recognise me I'm sure - just by what you have described ;)

pepek - It's both stones and kilos on our side of the planet ... but mostly kilos

clare - Love to meet up ... the thought will keep me warm for the next three years :)

scarlett - Thanks for your visit and your kind words

apprentice - Would love to meet up with you too ... Scotland was our fav place when we were over last.

anil - My pleasure.

wendy - Hope the holiday break coming up is an enjoyable one for you - you deserve it. :)

pepek - oh I feel so thin being called Wafer! I shall pop on over & take a gander.

tammy - I am aiming ot try and blog more even tho I am working. Shorter blogs may have to be the answer. :)

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