Sunday, 24 June 2007

Facts You Didn't Really Want to Know And Were Afraid To Ask

The bad weather continues. Bad weather!

We did venture out again - mainly because we were babysitting M's dog Jedi and had to take her for a walk. Hopefully these pictures convey the feeling that even if conditions were far from salubrious, they were still not without their charm.

I think these birds sheltering from the storm should be called Pied Pipers. However, their correct name is Oystercatcher.

This image of the cabbage trees blowing in the wind shows just how strong that wind was.


I have been tagged. Twice. Once by
Cailleach and once by Pepek, to supply eight random facts about myself. (Does that mean I now have to supply 16 random facts about myself?)
I have been reading other bloggers who have been tagged and have found their random facts fascinating material indeed. I was inspired. And then as reality set in - I began to feel intimidated. For how could I hope to deliver equivalent?

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves.
3. Tagees should write a blogpost of eight random facts about themselves.
4. At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged (named and shamed).
5. Go to their blog, leave a comment telling them they're tagged (cut and run).

Here goes:

Fact One: I am short and used to get told 'Good things come in small parcels' right up until I was about eleven years old, when people started in with the addendum - 'and so does poison.' (Which I am hoping had more to do with the fact that I was now heading out of sheltered childhood into a world with sharp bits, rather than because it was particularly applicable.)

Fact Two: I was the eldest of a rowdy Catholic household of seven kids ... Well, my father was Catholic; my mother was Presbyterian. Of course because the Catholics believe(ed?) that if you weren't a Catholic you were headed for hell, Dad insisted we were christened before six weeks old and brought up Catholic. One of Mum's many rebellions against this rule was that we weren't to be given Catholic names - so there was not a Monica, Veronica, Theresa, Bernadette, Patrick or Michael among us. (However Dad was allowed free reign with the second names, so we have Frances (my second name) Elizabeth, Patrick, Stephen ... etc. ) None of us are Catholics now. But then again, none of us are Presbyterians either ... We all follow our own calling in our own sweet, rebellious ways - maybe we all took after our Mum in the end.

Fact Three: I am named after a film-star and I'm in the Cockney alphabet. For those of you who don't know the Cockney alphabet, one version of it goes 'A for 'orses' (hay for horses) 'B for mutton' (beef or mutton) 'C for Highlanders' (Seaforth Highlanders) etc. Then ... 'J for Oranges' (Jaffa oranges) and 'K for Ancis' (Kay Francis - the name of a '30s & '40s film-star) and my first and second names. For other variations on this alphabet - see here.
Kay Francis' famous quote is - "My life? Well, I get up at a quarter to six in the morning if I'm going to wear an evening dress on camera. That sentence sounds a little ga-ga, doesn't it? But never mind, that's my life...As long as they pay me my salary, they can give me a broom and I'll sweep the stage. I don't give a damn. I want the money...When I die, I want to be cremated so that no sign of my existence is left on this earth. I can't wait to be forgotten." —From Kay Francis's private diaries, ca. 1938

I didn't particularly like the name Frances because I was told that not only was I named after a film-star, I was also named after a Great Aunt with the (to me) awfully embarrassing name of Aunty Fanny. I did not want to be named after an Aunty Fanny!!! No siree. (BTW here in the Antipodes, 'fanny' has a different meaning to the American version - it doesn't mean the rear end of your anatomy. Oh no. It means the front part. ) To have 'fanny' as any part of my name, was to me simply appalling! Luckily I had a grandfather whose second name was Francis, so I opted to be named after him, thank you very much. Problem solved.

Fact Four:
My nickname as a child was Kaybells. This was because my father had teased his brother after he'd named his firstborn Joy, by calling her 'Joy Bells'. So when I was born and named Kay, Uncle Jack teased my father back by calling me 'Kay Bells'.

Fact Five: When I got married, I gave up my Scottish name McKenzie for an English name, Cooke. So when I began to write, I added the name McKenzie back in again. I always liked having the name McKenzie, mainly because of the 'z' in it. This made it a great name to have for when playing the Alphabet Game. Ever played the Alphabet Game? Someone stands up the front and calls out letters to everyone else standing at the back. When a letter that is in your name is called, you step forward. No-one else's name had a 'z', so to my mind this always gave me the winning edge.

Fact Six: My blogging name Chiefbiscuit came about because my husband and sons always get nicknamed 'Cookie'. As I'm actually the chief cook and bottlewasher, it stands to reason I should be called, 'Chief Cookie'. However, as that was a bit obvious, I decided Chiefbiscuit would do instead. Get it?

Fact Seven: I became a grandmother at the age 43, which seemed excessively young to me at the time and so I didn't want to be called Nana or Granny or Gran'ma. Besides, because of a complicated 21st century set-up, my granddaughter had three grandmothers - now she's got four! So B calls me Kay. (Sometimes tho' she calls me 'Gran'ma Kay'.) I think when more grandchildren come along, I'm actually ready now to be called Gran'ma K.

Fact Eight: I will be 54 years old tomorrow. Yes, it is my birthday, Monday 25th June. And the weather is forecast to be very cold, with sleet and snow to sea-level. So, what's different? It's always bad weather on my birthday. Which makes me feel ... kinda special actually.

I tag: Kumonkey, Mcdinzie, Dinzie, Becky, Anne, Kamsin, Carole and Catherine.

Cheers! (My shout.) Which is 'kiwi' for 'my turn' ... to buy the drinks or whatever - cos it's my birthday, you see. Although, I always think it should be the other way around. Don't you? If it's your birthday shouldn't people be buying YOU the drinks? But anyway, I will be providing the morning tea at work tomorrow. My shout.


Avus said...

Happy Birthday for Monday, Chief! Your "Birthday Card" appears on my blog

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks - I just thought I'd check for comments before heading to bed and was so excited to find out about the card, I visited straight away. Lovely! :)

Becky Willis Motew said...

Happy Birthday, CB!!!!

You're a young chick!!


Anonymous said...

Another Hap. Birth. from me too CB! Have a great day. Glad you're Chief Biscuit not Chief Cookie - has much more caché!

rel said...

Happy Birthday CB.
After your 8 things I feel I know you better than ever.

carole said...

Happy birthday CB! I don't mind being tagged but I'm going to have a job finding another 8 bloggers especially as you've tagged Kamsin as well! Anyone who has ever visited my clog had better watch out.

Kamsin said...

My 8 random facts are up! I am also small and get told good things come in small packages, but had never heard the line about poison before! My mother says I am small but perfectly formed, but then perhaps mother's are supposed to say things like that! Anyway, Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, even though I'm late. Visiting from "the pride", you did a much better job with your eight things than I did!

Tammy Brierly said...

Glad you're feeling better for you birthday. "Fanny" that cracked me up. LOL



Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Great post, Kaybells! And Happy Birthday (since it is already tomorrow where you are, but still today here).

Anne S said...

Happy Birthday CB!

I hope you are having a suitably decadent day for the occasion.

Enjoyed your 8 Facts and will endeavour to think of 8 for my tag.

About Frances and Fanny, I always like both names. I had a great aunt Fanny and also my great grandmother was called Fanny. I always thought it was quite a pretty name, never having heard the American meaning for it. I liked Frances because my favourite saint was St Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals. I chose it as my confirmation name.

wendy said...

Happy Happy Birthday. My Maggie's birthday is the 26th..right behind your' I'll always remember.

I really enjoyed your facts.. I too have been tagged..and dont know what to say!

I'll have to get workin on it..

Hope you know how much reading you has brightened my little life.

Cheers to you!

McDinzie said...

Thanks for the tag.....I love you too :)

I have duly written my facts, at a struggle I might add!!!

Few more hours left for your birthday hope you are enjoying them :)

herhimnbryn said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday dear CB!

Your random facts are mighty interesting.

Unknown said...

Hoppy Birdy, CB.

Someone once suggested taking the name of your first pet, adding
your mother-in-laws maiden name to reveal my pen name. 'Fanny Plapp' didn't really sit very well with me!

Jan said...

Hello CB
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a lady who has consistently brilliant Postings!
Lots Of Love from A Very Wet UK

Jan said...

In that case, I'd be FLASH BEASLEY!!

Flash was a very sweet Lakeland terrier.

Sabine said...

Happy birthday, Kay! I hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed yourself.


apprentice said...

Happy birthday CB. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to be teased about my name!

I hope you have a lovely day and get suitably spoiled.

Rethabile said...

Fascinating. I've always wanted to know what the handle meant. And hey, good things do come in small packages, like wifey.

I'm late, but happy birthday to you! Thank you for this delicious blog.

Catherine said...

A belated happy birthday! At my daughter's work, whoever had the last birthday does the morning tea for the next person's birthday. I think that's very civilised. I have just posted my eight random facts about myself on my blog, come on over and read them if you like.

kj said...

first of all: happy birthday chief. i wish you a wonderful year.

my grandmother name to date is no-name. honest to god. i figure ryan will come up with something from that. my daughter shakes her head in disapproval, but hey!, why not!

it's a pleasure to see how many good blogging friends you have.


Kay Cooke said...

becky - I can only hope your words are true! Cheep! Cheep!

clare - Yeah I like the word biscuit, even if in some countries it actually means scone ...

rel - Thanks mate!

carole - Hope you can find 8 people to tag. I'll let you off if you can't - It's a lot to find! :)

kamsin - Haven't you got a nice Mum?

tammy - Don't say that word fanny! ;)

pepek - It's great having a birthday that s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s ... ;)

anne - you are so lucky to be able to enjoy the name without having it contaminated with undesirable connotations. (my confirmation name was Theresa).

Wendy _ I have read your random facts and they take some beating! :)

mcd - And what a stirling effort you have made.

herhimnbryn - Thanks mate!

cailleach - Thank you! :)

minx - Peter McLeod in my case ... a little masculine? Maybe it could become Peta McLeod which doesn't sound nearly so interesting ... Fanny Plapp would get my vote every time! :)

jan - Flash Beasley ... now there's a name!

sabine - Thanks - I certainly did.

apprentice - Margaret, like Elizabeth, has many derivations doesn't it? A friend of mine called Elizabeth has over the years used all the derivations she can come up with at any one time - the latest being Libbybeth, I believe.

rethabile - Thank you - belated's okay!

catherine - Now I do like that idea!

Kay Cooke said...

kj - I read on your blog about no-name! I think you won't be using it for long because as you say, Ryan will find his own name for you. You could also call yourself 'name-in-waiting'! Which would then morph to 'Naminwain' ... or Nana Wayne!

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