Tuesday, 29 May 2007


The highlight of last week was when we were treated to a visit from blogger friend Rebecca the Wrecker, and her partner Mr Accordian.
While Rebecca was over here, she collected gemstones from NZ beaches for her amazing jewellery (do take a look at her site) while Mr Accordian, a musician, collected sounds. (And do take a look at his site too - fascinating stuff there as well!)
I showed Rebecca a favourite stone I have from my father's collection of Orepuki gemstones, and she was able to identify what kind it is. Something I have long wanted to know.
Mr Accordian sussed out our piano (often neglected in our household these days as ABM has more or less turned to golf.) When he played it, piano music once more frolicked joysomely* through our house. Mr Accordian described it as a 'bright' piano. I'm tempted now to tell it every day just how intelligent it is. (Just kidding.)
As we said goodbye after a visit that was too short, Rebecca and I agreed that now we can verify, for the blogging world, each other's existence. What an interesting, creative pair they are; we really enjoyed their company.

*I've decided this should be a word - especially when it applies to our piano.


And the highlight for this week would have to be today when I dropped in at Otago University Press with the painting M did for the cover of my next book, 'made for weather'. I'm overwhelmed with the painting, just completed this weekend. It's quite beautiful.


In the weekend we paid a visit to ABM's parents in Queenstown.

ABM did a little leaf-raking.

A friendly neighbourhood cat dropped in to supervise.

Mr Garden Frog will soon be taken indoors to weather the winter there. I wish someone would do that for me!


Kay Cooke said...

Kamsin, clare and avus - Thanks for leaving comments and the alert to the fact the photos can't be seen. Hope this is an improvement! :)

Avus said...

That's better! All there now and worth waiting for.

Becky Willis Motew said...


Gorgeous photos!!

God, I hate raking. Kudos to ABM for doing it. Your blog itself is joysome, CB.


Tammy Brierly said...

I never knew how gorgeous it is there...stunning! I can't wait for that book. :) I'm glad you had a lovely visit. XXOO

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Yes I can certainly verify your corporeality- a real flesh and blood human being!! as is ABM!
thanks for the lovely words - we loved visiting you too. Queenstown was stunning for you and great news about your book cover.

paris parfait said...

How wonderful - visits with blogging friends, piano music, a wonderful book photograph and your own lovely yard scenes! By the way, since I got your postcard, will put it in your book, as though it was "signed by the author." For your next one, I'll have to actually send it to you for signing. Would you lend your talents to a couple of lines for my "stealth" poem? xo

Catherine said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I look forward to the unveiling of the book cover (and the book). You are very lucky (and hard working) to have it published by OUP - it seems to be harder in Christchurch as the university press here don't do poetry much, and of course the others VUP, AUP etc tend to favour their own areas.
I thought Steele Roberts did quite a few poetry books, but apparently they charge the authors around $6000 !

herhimnbryn said...

Sounds good, very good and thanks for the links and your gorgeous photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh the beautiful view. and the cat did a great job of supervising.

Kay Cooke said...

avus - Thanks!

becky - I will pass the compliment on to ABM> I wonder where I can register joysome as a word?

tammy - I know how much you enjoy beautiful scenery.

rebecca - I look forward to seeing what you do with those gems!

pp - I will pop over soon to see what I can do - visits to blogs seem to be limited to weekends only these days. :(

catherine - Interesting!

herhiminbryn- My pleasure!

robin - Thanks.

kj - (I think you meant to leave your comment here instead of under the prev. entry Venus Over vauxhall - so if that is indeed the case, I'm replying to you here ... hope you find it: I'm looking forward to meeting even more friends from the blogging world too, as time goes by.
I will keep you posted on the book.

Di Mackey said...

Hey you :)
Lovely to find your comment over on my site and lovely to visit you at yours ... a wee trip home and all that.

Thanks for the link to Rebecca's blog too.

apprentice said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely visit from your friends, it's yet more proof that the net can be a positive place.

I love your new banner heading/quote. I think it's what we all yearn to belive.

And I can't wait to see your book jacket.

I have NZ carex grasses they are great foils for bright plants, this year I'm growing hot coloured guems through them.

Kay Cooke said...

ww - And a gidday right back at ya!

apprentice - Will post pictures as soon as it's released - have to keep the anticipation going!
Those grasses are quite beautiful.

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