Sunday, 27 January 2019

Summer Breeze

I enjoy Blogger as a platform for blogging. I also maintain a Word Press site as my writer's site. But Blogger was my first blogging place, and I can't q u i t e seem to  let it go completely.

So I figure why not keep both? WordPress suits the official writer's website better than Blogger, but Blogger for me, suits the diary format, or journal-type entries.

Just now gardens are full of summer blooms and a visit to the Botanical Gardens is a real treat. The other day I was there with my daughter's two kids, my daughter in law, her parents and the granddaughter we share. There was a school holiday vibe and a pleasure to be soaking it all up.

Children slow you down to a pace that allows for space to take stuff in. For nature to show off its secret dance steps.

I took the opportunity to take photos using the camera my brother in law gave me recently. A small Sony. I'm 'growing accustomed to its face' as I accept it offerings of colour and shape. I like that it's light to carry and simple to use.

The freedom and lightness that summer brings is always appreciated. As I write this it is nearly 8.30 pm, still light outside and my husband is out on the local golf course alone, in the wind, hitting a golf ball into the waning grey of a summer sky. For him, this is paradise.

In this week approaching, New Zealand is expecting high temperatures to waft over from Australia (where parts have been experiencing killer heat wave temps.) Although where we live is not expected to get too hot. I'm grateful about that. The cool coastal breeze we almost constantly experience is my friend these days. Long may that continue.


Avus said...

Good for you for keeping up the blog, Kay. There ain't too many of us left. Digital communication methods seem to proliferate endlessly these days and I still prefer the "spaciousness" of a blog.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Avus. I don't get here as often as I'd like. Been a bit busy with family staying lately but about to write another post today.

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