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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Leaving these Shores

Just letting readers know I'm heading for Berlin on Sunday to visit family who live there. After that I will be visiting my husband who is a visiting lecturer at a University in China.
I won't be posting for the month I'm away. Nice to know that my son and daughter in law are able to stay in our place while we're away.

Top of Lake Wakatipu at Glenorchy, looking towards Kinloch Station (farm) on the eastern side of the lake. The braided rivers, Dart and Rees feed into the lake that was formed by a glacier's gouging descent and subsequent melt-down.

Before heading away I was fortunate to be able to visit Queenstown's Lake District and once more greet some of my favourite mountains.
The wounded city of Berlin is very different from that scene.
I was there two years ago and found it hard going. However for many reasons, I am expecting a very different visit this time. Time has a way of moving things on. I will be interested to see what is the same and what is different.
China will be a totally new experience.
I will have plenty of writing material, I am sure.
I shall be keeping in mind my current (ha, ha) theme of rivers. It will be interesting to see what tributaries this will lead (or take) me down.
Until I see you back here again; Auf Wiedersehen and Zaijian.


kj said...

I’ll be excited to hear about Berlin and China!
Wishing you fantastic travels, Kay

Avus said...

Safe journeys, Kay. look forward to your return

Daniel Frankland said...

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Hope you enjoyed your travels!


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