Saturday, 4 June 2016

Wild Idea

Wind-fish; a gift from a Japanese student (Yuki) who stayed with us in 1998. A little worse for wear now. It used to chime when it was windy, but we found the sound a mite annoying, so one wild, windy night, it was cut free of its metal tongue. 
It was lost in our garden for many years, until our daughter-in-law (also from Japan as it turns out) found it this year, when it was re-instated to something akin to its former glory; hanging from a branch and once more (except this time, silently) reminding us of greetings from Japan.

mossy branch

 purple polyanthus

prism & rainbow 

Dear Reader,

From the other side of the world, I am taking part in this - a UK challenge to a 30-day focus on nature through the month of June.

This is their description:

30 Days Wild is a campaign which challenges you to do something wild every day in June. That’s 30 days and 30 random acts of wildness!

Harder to complete in winter, I daresay, but the idea appealed to me. Any blog posts this month will reflect this '30-days Wild' theme.

One of the ideas is to leave part of your garden to grow wild. In my case that is not going to be difficult. In fact you could say, it has already been well and truly achieved.



Dona Bogart said...

My entire garden is going wild. The rain has made my garden grow every which way...they love it. I love all of your wild captures, but the little wind fish is my favorite.

Kay Cooke said...

Dona - Thanks. I'd love us to see each others' gardens one day - you never know! Meanwhile we can keep each other up to date on proceedings & progressions via photos, I'm sure.

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