Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Reflected in a Teapot

bedroom mirror and reflections 

bedroom mirror in black and white

twin beds & candlewick bedspreads 

lamp-stand with fringed lightshade

bookshelf 1

bookshelf 2

coffee cups on holder

coffee mugs on wooden hooks

reflected in a teapot 

salt & pepper shakers 

mantle clock and two scotties 

decorated vase

fabric roses

Dear Reader,

After my mother died, two years ago now, we had to clear her home of her possessions; a sad task. Part of the sadness involved the necessary and permanent disassembling of a home's personality and heart.

This reminder of impermanence may have been on my mind last weekend when I stayed with my aunty (my mother's sister) and the reason why I took the photos shown above, of some of the things that to me seemed to reflect her home's particular personality.
The personalities of homes interest me; but not the House and Garden variety of home so much as homes that by their very nature, show a devotion to the personality of their owners.

Like people, there are no two homes alike.



Di said...

Oh Kay, these photographs took me straight back to my Nana's house ... 101 Islington Street, Invercargill. I photographed her house as she moved out of it after decades. She was so mad with me at the time, getting in the way, taking photographs. Later, she apologised, thanking me, so profusely - and that wasn't her style. She had printed the photographs and carried them in a little book that she loved to death. Your impulse was right

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Di. Yes, the urge to record this particular style of interior was strong! Good on us.

Avus said...

An interesting theme, Kay. It made me wish I had recorded my parents/grandparents homes - now many years too late!

Kay Cooke said...

Avus - Thanks. I'm thinking it may be a bit of a theme for my photography bent.

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