Friday, 17 July 2015

After Rain

'The flowers bow their ponderous heads. I can see where the rain has fallen'.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

taken in October in Rhododendron Dell, Dunedin Botanical Gardens.

 flax blades

taken at home one day after rain

winter-faded hydrangeas (taken today in Dunedin's Gardens).

the closest that green comes to being blue

not great photos by any means, but the best I could do to capture these two

I often notice them sitting by themselves after the rest of the flock has flown off


feather-fluffed and cuddling close, they spend time preening each other's feathers before flying off to (I presume) join the rest of their flock. 

like two high-school kids in love, wagging class


J.T. Webster said...

We were at the Gardens today too! Cold, wasn't it?
I love the photos of the water drops and those cute birds.

Kay Cooke said...

JT - The Gardens always inspire me no matter what time of year I visit. (BTW - How are you? We must have a catch-up coffee soooon).

Dona Bogart said...

Thank you! I love a stroll through the a garden.

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