Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sick in Suburbia

sunset October 13th, 2014 as seen from Chisholm Park golf course

I was feeling a bit better last night, to the point of thinking I was fully recovered. I even felt motivated to go for a walk. 

At 8.30 last night the birds were still awake and chirping and as we walked, we felt soft, warm bands of air wafting over us like currents of warm water from the gulf stream effect. There was a pretty sunset in the west. The weather was calm. The sea lazy. All was well.

But this morning I woke feeling unwell again. Consequently, all plans to do lots of things today, flew out the window - the window of my bedroom; the one I've left open to ensure I'm not cut off from either the world or fresh air.

Instead of *checking out art galleries and attending midday concerts, I am in bed, medication within reach, listening to the trip-trap of birds' feet on our corrugated-iron roof and the barks of a neighbour's lonely dog. 

However, the occasional bursts of rain showers I can hear make me think that perhaps for today I'm better off in my bed after all.

*Dunedin's Art Festival is on this week with lots of events and exhibitions to check out (if you are well enough to).


kj said...

feel better, kay. take your time.


Kay Cooke said...

Thanks kj - I'm getting there. I have great hopes for tomorrow!

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