Saturday, 11 October 2014

Rhodos on Silverton Street

taken this time last year, rhodos. on Silverton St.

Sometimes in the middle of spring I already become nostalgic for winter and its perfect excuse for rest and restoration.

Spring is a deconstruction of all that winter stillness. Churning weeds merrily twirl and leap like cheerleaders among the flowers in our garden, and I know someone has to pay attention and do something about them.

mother duck and ducklings on inlet 

Maybe spring's saving grace is that it does have its cute side.


kj said...

Spring is my favorite. When the hostas break ground I break ground too

Funny that we're on opposite seasons. This post encourages my preparation for winter. I'm eyeing the firewood already

I'm glad to see you posting, Kay xoxo

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks kj! Your comments are encouraging me no end. :) I love your line about the hostas breaking ground - it's a goody!

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