Friday, 3 October 2014

Lavender's Ease

I'm thinking I'll ease myself back into posting on my main blog again, with a trial run of posting a photo a day.

lavender from my garden

Today, workmate J. wasn't wearing her jandals and capris. I knew she'd tried to get into summer gear far too early.

The cold weather is forecast to remain for the next few days. Hopefully we will continue to experience only the flick of the wintry tail as the brunt of it misses us and high-tails it straight up the middle of the island, travelling over the Southern Alps.

Highlight of the day at work was 3-year-old L. explaining that he was playing Heaven. "I am in heaven," he said describing his position in a small hollow in the bark chip area beside the sandpit. He approached me saying, "I'm just going to heaven, will you wait for me?" Turning back to his bark-chip hollow, he said, "Heaven's way up in the sky, I am going to need a tall ladder'.
Lots of thoughts flashed into my mind, most of them concerning heaven on earth and how close they possibly are. Maybe there's merely a thin barrier between the two, invisible to adults but not to children.


A said...

Was so happy to see you posted. I'm thinking L is right and we wouldn't have to look that far to find heaven on earth… ?
Hope you're doing well Kay.

kj said...

a thin line, kay. i do believe that, just a thin line.

it is so nice to see you back, and a photo a day for a month? that is wonderful

i have thought of you and hope your memories have begun to comfort.

your pal

kj said...
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Kay Cooke said...

A - Oh thank you Agnes! I am feeling a lot stronger. I have so much to be thankful for. :)

kj - Thank you ! Yes, the memories are definitely a huge comfort.

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