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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Takoyaki, Japanese Peonies & a Whole Lot of Lake in Between

This stall at the Frankton Market that we went to on Saturday, reminded us of our trips to Japan to stay with our son & his family. Our son has cooked takoyaki for us a couple of times. Lovely to have this connection and to be reminded of special times.

Having a sand-pit for the children to play in is a great idea.

A sit and a coffee and a relaxing conversation while thinking about the wares available for purchase - honey, bread, jewellery, clothes, beer, vegetables, jams, cheeses, plants, gifts ...  

 Later that day in Queenstown, while on an uphill-walk in the warm sun, I stopped to take a photo ( it was a great excuse to have a breather as well) of this healing clinic's sign. I was very interested in their offer of Age Manipulation!

The view I got from the top of the hill, before dropping down to where we were staying with Robert's parents. Robert's father's joke is that our son (who at present lives on the other side of the hill from them) can now officially say that his grandparents are 'over the hill'.

  Jenny among the Japanese peonies in Granny and Granddad's garden.


kj said...

I've loved spending this day with you, Kay. Xoxo

A said...

Oh I could so have a cup of coffee at that table :-)

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

Kj - My pleasure Karen! Lovely to have your company (if in sprit only, alas).

A - I could so imagine you there with us too Agnes! If only ...


'how this all harbours light'