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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

'Mermaids in denim'

A friend asked me if I'd written a poem to go with the above piece of street art (or in this case, maybe 'street poetry') that we both love.

I admitted that I hadn't and added it to a growing list of poems-to-write.

Tonight I got inspired to actually write it.

mermaids in denim

For a time I favoured purple
velveteen and paisley needlecord
mini-skirts. Short legs
proving problematic
where denim jeans were concerned,
bell-bottoms losing all their flare
when cut off to fit and hemming canvas
like sewing up wool sacks, just a drag
at twenty-something in a fitting-room
in Penroses, the bottoms of the jeans
I want to buy trailing behind
like the tail of a mermaid left high
and dry and me just standing there
filled with despair.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


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J.T. Webster said...

A great poem!


'how this all harbours light'